I recently decided I need to be even more organized in scheduling and tracking my book marketing efforts.  As a result I started an Excel spreadsheet to use as a check list for marketing.  It contained columns such as Task, Priority (for sorting), scheduled date, and date completed. 

Of course my first task was to add the book on my website.  As I worked I wondered what I’d missed.  I was sure there was more I could do.  Then it "hit me" that the only way to get a comprehensive list was to enlist the help of others.  How about contributing your ideas?  Perhaps we can all help each other develop an effective checklist. 

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Before you prepare your checklist for any of your books here are a few things you should have arranged: an author website /blog, Facebook fan page, twitter account, and 2 or 3 blogs on which to post.  You will also need a list of potential reviewers for your genre. 

Also to join Goodreads and enlist as an author. This brings your book into the spotless of countless readers. There are groups on Goodreads that will give tips and tricks for marketing. The tip I picked up is not to blog about your book "Buy my book out now" it is the worst thing you could do. Be creative and most of all have fun. For my own book I blog once a week about a fact. example: my book is set in medieval times so therefore only candles where used. So i would blog a fact about how candles where made in medieval times. and then associate it back to my back at the end of the post. Every time I do this I get three new followers as opposed to screaming about my book. Also get visual Pinterest is a great place to start. Pin pictures that are associated with your story. 

So checklist for a blog

Have at least two blogs (My opinion) as you can link them to all your accounts as in (facebook, twitter, Pinterest, Google + ect). Then post visually once a day and post a fact once a week. It doesn't block up people that follow you, and your pictures get their attention. 

This is a really interesting and helpful thread. Being new to networking online I have to admit that I am not only bamboozled by it but also a bit apprehensive about what I write. I've never been any good at promoting myself so I think posting things that are relevant but interestng rather than what might be seen as boasting and hard selling is a really good idea.


Congratulations on your success, my suggestion is to do a Library Book Reading tour in a  mile cycle. Respectfully, Henry Landry, Author  www.VIRetreats.com

I would also look into getting listed on  awesomeindies.net.   Here is the LINK.  In the process you may also get a book review.

I am still new to marketing books but if your interested in self publishing you could make a kickstarter project. I have recently made a project for a children's book that I wrote called "The Cloud Factory." My only problem is learning how to market the project outside my own sphere of facebook friends. :-/

any advice could help.

the project is here:  ( http://kck.st/XAcQjm  )

This is a great discussion.  We (a large We) recently had a long discussion around it.  The topic started as "Where do your marketing dollars go?" and turned into "How do you market a book on a budget?"   Tons of great ideas flowed forth.  I'm planning to consolidate them into a checklist, as you suggest here, but haven't gotten around to it yet.  Meanwhile, please feel free to read the post and responses...each idea is gold.  Cheers,



When I started this discussion I was thinking of book specific marketing.  Kristen's comments made me think about a checklist for brand marketing which I think should be a separate check list.  Once the thread seems to have run its course I'll prepare a  list of book specific and branding ideas and post them.  Who knows, it may become a running list.

My experience here is that there is not a lot of idea sharing to date.  So far we don't have enough for a list.  Thanks to those who are responding.


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