Hi everyone. My name is Chelsea.
I really wanted to get everyone's opinions on a couple subjects if that's okay.

I just started my new YA fiction series. I wanted to start the series with a new alias name. A new name for a new audience. What are your thoughts on the subject. I will still allow my readers to know that I write for two type's of markets, but I will have two different names.

I have written one Paranormal Romance book when I was younger, slapped it on kindle and never went the the process of promoting as I probably should have done. I am really excited about my new series and would love your opinion on how to promote my writing through blogging and twitter, both being fairly new to me.

Any advise would really help me.
Thanks for reading.
Hope to see you on my new blog.

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Well, I am a nonfiction author and prefer to use my real name and credentials. Many fiction authors use aliases.


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I used a different name for one of my books basically to protect the identify and location of others. I wrote funny true stories of life in the british police in the 70's.

So i have protected them through the use of an alias. Otherwise be proud use your own name and keep writing!


2 names really depends on how different the two subjects are. I know one author writes kids books and then wrote a YA book (which had more mature themes). She decided to write the YA book under a pen name so the kids/parents of kids didn't pick it up thinking it was okay for an 8 year old. I think that was a really good idea.

For promotion, if you have physical copies of the book do a contest through It's a huge site so you'll get through to lots of potential readers. You can also contact book bloggers to review your book.

Keep on bloggin your work. Spread it about on twitter and facebook.

Books fire the imagination. They protect the past and pave the way for the future. They have no boundries or limits. They keep the mind alive and the brain active. Fiction read by those who deal in fact, sometimes pause and consider " What if?"

keep writing and best wishes


A lot of fiction authors use pen names, and I don't think there's any problem with this. However, it's worth considering how different the markets are that your books are aimed at. If they're at all similar I would stick with one name (whichever you prefer) to keep it consistent. Bear in mind that you might want to move in a different direction in the future, and you don't want to end up with too many aliases! :)

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I believe lot of fiction authors use pseudo-names.

I am new to blogs. Please follow me when you get a chance and I will follow your. Here’s my blog:


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I am in the process of writing a book and will be using a pen name. I've had poems published when I was a young pup and used a pen name.

As for promoting your work, I suggest finding some bloggers to review your book and then ask them for interviews. Also gain followers and tweet tweet tweet.

I am also a book blogger and would love to review your book. You can check out my blog


Thank you. As soon as I finish my YA book, I will contact you. Thanks for the feed back.

Yeah, I don't think there's anything wrong with a handy, little alias here and there. As for promoting, the best thing for it is just to have a strong presence online: start talking to people and making connections! Tweet your heart out, host giveaways, comment on people's blogs, do interviews and guest posts, make a book trailer. If you're excited, other people will be, too! You can check out my YA review blog, BookLungs, too. I'd love to review something for you or help you host a giveaway or blog tour. My email contact is on my blog. Feel free to get in touch with me anytime! :)

Lilly @ BookLungs

Thanks, I really respect your outlook on the subject. I would love the opportunity for a book review. My YA Fiction series should be done here shortly. Once complete I will get in touch with you.

Following your blog. :)

Feel free to follow mine if you enjoy reading fun posts about magic, enchantment and more.




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