Hello Fellow Authors, Readers, and Bloggers,

I have a new release coming up in June and I hear a lot of great things about book tours (virtual) ????

Anyhow, I am a little unsure how it works and if any of you have done this?

Is this a good way to get your brand new book out there?

What has been your experience?

Do you know of any great people to go through to do this???


Can someone tell me the process and what it involves?



Thank you so much! :)


Happy Reading and Writing,





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Today is the first day of my book blog tour.  I used Sagesblogtours.com.  She has been absolutely wonderful to work with.  She asked for a few things, book description, cover, author bio, and set up my tour.  Its a mix of just a book feature to some of the blog spots featuring reviews.  I don't know sales wise what it will bring since today is just the first day, but I feel confident that Sage has matched my book up with the best blog sites for it.  She also created an amazing banner for each site to use.  You have to schedule 4 weeks out to allow her time to set everything up for you.  She has been awesome, can't say enough about all of her help.  She has made the process so simple for me and narrowed it down to just communicating with her instead of me trying to contact each blogger and get into their schedules.  Literally within just a few emails everything was taken care of on my end (I am sure lots more work for her on contacting and scheduling), all of it has been well worth her fee.  I am offering a give away of a signed paperback of my book and just in the first few hours on the first blog there were 186 entries so I imagine the tour as a whole will be successful in promoting my book.


I am so sorry, I forgot to have my page notify me of replies. :( Sage Blog Tours sounds wonderful. I did go with Bewitching Book Tours, and are currently on tour. Roxanne does a fantastic job on advertising, blog visits, and interviews. I am very happy with her. Although where my book release is coming up, I am thinking that I need to think of another book tour or something to spike sales. I wish you the best of luck and are so happy to share with other authors that are in the same path. Congrats to you for all that you do. :)


I too am wondering the same question as you. In a couple weeks I hope to provide a comprehensive release on the efficacy of releasing a novel sans help and with help. Last novel was released with no help. Same time of the year. Same type of novel. This time around I'm using a specialist to help with the promotion. I intend to use my blog to describe the release this time around the same way I used it last time. The problem? If neither of the releases bare any fruit . . . I guess it means I need to work on the writing. We shall see!

I wish you the best of luck, this is a tough biz to be in. All though there are many readers, it is just finding the right readers? I write in a very popular genre and it is like finding a needle in a hay stack, but patience and the right route is what I am aiming for. Let me know how you make out with promotion. :) Good luck to you. :)


We have just set up our own Virtual Blog Tour for Authors. Check out the two authors we have on our tours at the moment (www.book-tour.com). For our prices please go to www.book-tours.com Although we are in the UK the prices are in GBP but if you go to ex.com this will give you a rough estimate of how much it will be in dollars.

What we do is:-

You complete a post for the guest blog

We send you questions for you to answer

You send us your blog, answers, any images and links and excerpt of your book along with both mobi and pdf copies (unless you wish to gift the book from Amazon) in which case we will give you the email address for the gift.

Depending on the length of your tour, we contact a numer of hosts to help us with promoting your guest, interview etc.  

During the tour, the hosts will spread the word along with emailing me the links to their blogs.  

Although we contact the hosts, we can't guarantee how many reviews you will get out of the tour.

Have a read of both sites and have a think.  If you have any questions you can email me at sylv@sylv-jenkins.com

Hope this helps :)

This is a great help, and I am so sorry for the slow response, I didn't realize that I had responses to my questions until now. My apologies, it has been busy finishing up my book and setting up a tour with Bewitching Book Tours. I am currently on tour now, but am thinking that I need to continue on with another tour. This is a great option and I would love to grow readers in the UK. :) Thank you so much for sharing, this means the world, I wish the best of luck to you in all that you do. :)


I think blog book tours are fun, but you need to know how to repost/reblog so you drive traffic to other books as well.  Kate Policani runs discover authors (discoverauthors.wordpress.com) and she's been great to work with.  You can check out her blog(s). 

The ones I've done work this way:  You sign up for a specific day and then post about your own book on your blog.  Other authors do the same thing.  On each day you reblog other the author's posts (or copy the post from the other author's sites) and they do the same for you on your day. 

I think there's an increase in sales - more importantly, there's an increase in people who've heard about your book!  Good luck!

Wow, this is a wonderful idea. I am currently on tour now, but I really do believe that cross blogging is the key. I am learning slowly on how marketing works. I am so thankful to have others to talk to. I am so sorry about my delay in response. Thank you so much for all of your help. I would be more than willing to help with you, if you would like me to interview, book highlights, or what not on my blog. www.authorjtbrown.blogspot.com/ :) Take care and I wish you the best of luck. :)


I am the Vice President of Pump Up Your Book - we have been in business for over 7 years doing virtual book tours, and average 30-40 authors per month.  We have a dedicated staff that will work with you to get the most bang for your buck.  If you want, please visit our site athttp://www.pumpupyourbook.com and if you have any questions, just email me or let me know and I would be happy to answer them.  Good luck in the future!


I want to say here....I review books for PUYB and I would highly recommend this group. The are dedicated to do their best to make sure your tour is successful. And the staff is awesome to work with!

Thank you for passing this along, I will be checking them out. :) Good luck with everything and thank you again. :)


:) Thank you so much, I am checking them out. :)



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