Here's the thing. I think memes can be really over done, and personally? I don't like the ones that have no original content. When I hit a new blog, and the first 5 or 10 posts are all nothing but Tuesday Teasers (boring, sorry) and Monday in My Mailbox (when it's just a list of books, with or without the publishers' blurb)... I probably won't be back. I mean, I know they're fun, and they can draw traffic from other memers, but I wonder how good they are at sustaining traffic long term? How much do you *really* like reading other people's memes, or do you just go to their site so they'll come to yours?

The only two that I do on a regular basis are the Thursday Thirteen, which is not a book-blog specific meme, and Weekly Geeks, which is, but doesn't always fit my blog topic, which is romance.

My own opinion? once a week is enough, unless the meme is something that is a prompt for a real post with real content.

What do you guys think? How much is too much? And which ones are your favorites, to write and to read?

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I actually don't like the non-book related ones for book blogs. I usually like the prompt ones like Musing Mondays or Booking Through Thursdays. I may be biased (hehe) but I like one that I created called Throwback Thursday (seen here ) because I get to honor a book from my past each week. It's fun thinking of the books and the memories that go along with them. =)
I like What Are You Reading Mondays (J Kaye's Book Blog), Jenny's Throwback Thursdays, I like In My Mailbox, I also like the one Sheila at a Journey Through Books started, I believe it's Word Verification Balderdash (using the words from word verification boxes when you post comments on blogs and make up meanings to them)....
Well, the only memes I do is "In My Mailbox" and this one I made called "Movie Fridays" which is where I talk about movie buzz and all that...and this one I made literally five seconds ago, which probably isn't very original, called "What Makes My Wallet Hurt" which is just books that I want reeaaallllyyy bad...I'm unoriginal...=]
I only have one weekly meme on my blog currently, which I created called Cover Compare Friday(I know, not very creative name), where I "debate" with my readers about with cover they like better, US or UK or Old Vs. New, and other types that I haven't created yet, but I think I'm going to participate in Waiting On Wednesday because it's fun to see what upcoming books other bloggers are dying to come out, as well as sharing my own.

Here's the link to my post, just in case you thought it was interesting =D.
I think they're quite good at sustaining traffic. You meet other people through those memes. I understand if their blog is all about memes that's a different story. If it's balanced enough with memes, reviews and perhaps other kinds of posts then I think it's all right.

I enjoy reading other people's memes a lot. I learn about a lot of different books that way, I get curious about what's out for me to read and what to add onto my wishlist.

My opinion; it's your blog you decide what's right for it. If other people don't like that's ok. They can move on but you'll always eventually have a faithful following if you follow theirs in return. It's all about reciprocity I think.
Thanks for all the responses. I mean, I don't want to insult anyone or any particular meme. I think they're all fine in moderation.

it's your blog you decide what's right for it. If other people don't like that's ok.
@karoline: Of course! I hope I didn't imply otherwise. But when people ask what they can do to drive traffic, I wonder if "memes!" is the best advice? In all honesty, good content is what I look for in a "keeper" blog. One or maybe two memes a week is fine, and I know it's common advice to try to post something everyday, but I feel like meme posts are often kind of throw-away, just get something out there for the search engines to ping, sorts of posts.

It's not important to ME as a reader to see a daily post - I'd rather see 2 or 3 a week or even less with thoughtful, interesting content.
I do a few memes regularly. I usually pick between Musing Monday and Booking Through Thursday. I also like Fill-In Friday. I tried to keep up with In My Mailbox but I got lazy.

Grace's Book Blog

Its like everywhere i turn there is the same meme!! In My Mailbox, um...I don't want to see all the books you got for thanks. It's like rubbing it in or something....Show me the books you picked up at the library, I'd enjoy that better.

I have tried a few, and well frankly didn't like doing them much. Once a week is enough!! For sure! I'm a new blogger, but I thought the whole point of a book blog was to write your reviews/book news! That's what I want to read about! Author interviews are pretty cool too, but not if they are SUPER LONG!!!! Isn't a blog suppose to be quick reading?
I actually like In my mailbox. I don't think it's about rubbing it in at all. That's where I find new books to look at :)

As to blogs being quick reading..I'm not sure. If it's really interesting..does length really matter?
I like In My Mailbox, also. Not everybody just posts ARCs. Some (myself included) post what they purchased, picked up at the library (Not really a library patron myself), or received in paperbackswap, bookmooch, bookcrossing, etc. I find a lot of new books.

As for what the content of a person's personal blog.. well it's up to them. If they choose long posts, that's on them. If they post short posts, that's also at their discretion. That's also your decision on whether or not you choose to read them or what memes you choose to participate in.

However, I will agree that if the blogger is ONLY posting memes,.. well that's boring. I just don't come back. Also, the same with bloggers that don't interact with the commenters.
I have the same problem; there seems to be a few that don't return comments. I'm sure there's a reason. (perhaps?)
Hello, Nicola! While I'm not really a big fan of memes, I think it can get quite tiring reading the same stuff in different blogs.

However, I do have an ongoing project in my blog, which I call The Bookshelf Project. I invite people to send in pictures of their bookshelves and I post one sender every week. It's fun reading the comments of people about the reading tastes of the bookshelf owner.

Here's my blog:


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