Bloggers/Blog Readers: Do you use LinkWithin?

I've recently come across LinkWithin, which I'm going to trial on my blog. I'm slightly worried that it will clutter the blog up too much though. 

What are your opinions of the use of LinkWithin on book blogs?

Tomes of the Soul

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I saw somebody using this the other day and I thought it was a great idea, but it was so well-integrated that I didn't know where to find it - thank you for pointing it out to me, I'm going to try it too!

I had not heard of it before, but just installed it. It was easy to add, but I wish it was more intuitive. For example if you could code posts by subject (in my case genre of book) and then it would show the same type of book. 

Mine seems to be pretty good at picking up the right type of books, 9/10. Looking at my traffic after a day of having it installed, people are staying longer and navigating to more pages. I still think it looks slightly cluttered but will be sticking with it for now. 

I use it I think it's great. It gives readers a chance to stay on your site for longer and find another post they may be interested in

After reading the article on this site, I decided not to use this linking tool. You'll find the article here -

yes Im using linkwithin so that other people can see my previous blog entries

I think it's awesome, I love it.

I've just installed nRelate, which does pretty much the same job. However, nRelate allows you to change the look and feel of it and there's loads of different options to try out.

One tip. If you are like me and revamp old content with new images, ever so often you will need to send in a support request to Linkwithin to update the widget with your new thumbnails. When I noticed my old thumbnails never updated I went their support section. They give you a "type of problem" list where you simply check "not showing new images" and send the request. Within a day or two your thumbnails will update.

I use LinkWithin and I really like it. It helps Showcase our older reviews and as long as it's integrated cleanly I don't think it will clutter your blog. I don't think our blog is cluttered but it depends on how you would like your blog to look like though.



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