I published on kindle for the first time on 28th November 2012, although actually writing without publishing for a few years now. Sold 127 copies so far and about 540 free downloads so far. I dont know if that is good or bad.

But to increase the profile of my book, I was thinking of starting a blog tour. I wanted to go with someone established as.....surely that would help ?

But some authors get very little out of a blog tour. I understand it can depend on genre, cover and the book itself !

Just wanted to know what they community here thinks about blog tours.

Are they worth it ?

Link to my medical thriller :


Many thanks


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How do you quantify a successful tour?





Hi Zohar

Having seen your blog and what you like - I think you might find my book interesting.

Its a medical thriller - but there is a WWII unsolved mystery right in the middle of it......



I participate in a lot of blog tours.  They help raise web awareness and followers on social media.  I guess in turn those can lead to sales.  You do get exposed to a lot of new readers. 

That is a really good question ManofLaBook....how do you quantify it?  

Social media is akin to word-of-mouth.

It's very difficult to quantify.


I suppose quantifying is not necessarily down to hard numbers.

Something like awareness is a qualitative issue. But obviously it can lead to large sales if it is the right awareness !

I guess with a successful tour you are thinking about all the three factors mentioned :




I would add a fourth - reviews.

Thanks for replying Mary.

Any increase in sales following your blog tours ?

Or is it just raised awareness ?



Hi Mick,

We'd be happy to organize a virtual book tour for you! Our packages start out at $35... Take a look at:


Unless you are locked in with Amazon's KDP, I suggest you also publish with Smashwords. You can distribute to more people (especially if you make a book free.) However, don't dump Amazon. I've made more money through Amazon than with the other distributors, but it's only been about 4 months for me.

I've found that authors go crazy with blogging and forums and twitter, also book sites on facebook. Seems all we are doing is hitting other authors and they don't read the posts, they are too busy putting their own on. Doesn't make sense to me. Who are the book tours hitting? Not readers that's for sure. There has to be another way to do this. No one reads this stuff. They won't read this. It's all a waste of time. Sorry, not being negative, just stop and watch it for a while. Authors slamming authors. Gigantic book covers flooding every forum, blog, facebook page, I don't know. Not very professional, but I've tried it.

Mahree: You know what. You are right about authors flogging books on FB, in forums and Twitter. However, some sites and certain bloggers have massive readerships and followers. A  savvy tour guide knows how to design a tour and which bloggers to take her authors to reap the benefits of a tour. Gaele Hince of I am Indeed is one of the savviest and most professional tour guides and she flat out states the best results are when books are priced at 99 cents in a tour. However, blog hops are not always designed merely to sell books. Hops can generate reviews, sign ups for mailing list newsletters, followers on Twitter and FB, likes on Amazon author pages and get a book visible by introducing it to a new, untapped audience. Readers and book buyers are on Amazon. Readers subscribe to Bookbub, Kindle Nation Daily, Book Gorilla, The Fussy Librarian, Free Kindle Books and Tips and similar sites. An author has to buy promotion on these sites. Some sites will flog a FREE book. So it is a mixed bag. It takes a while for new indie authors to figure out the system. The only thing that sells books is promotion. Much of it costs and new authors are often on tight budgets. It is not an easy business. LOL.

i think blog tours comes in very handy.  because they allow you to build a fan base. I don't know about yall, but I'm a up and coming author that's trying to break into the business. So I pretty much excepts every interview that comes my way

Hi Mick: Listen...you might have a bit of a snag getting an established author to blog hop with you. Some of your reviews are pretty rough. When you see 10 one star reviews and they all say the grammar and spelling is horrendous, you might consider having a copy editor run through the ms. Your book cover is fabulous. 127 books is not too hot in sales for more than a year. Did you run a promotion to get the 540 free downloads? Blog hops work to expand readership, sign up subscribers for newsletters, get likes for FB pages and followers on twitter. And if a book is in a KDP Countdown in conjunction with a hop and/or on sale for 99 cents, an author can count on sales. The other snag is blog hosts usually or will often ask for a review copy of a title to make certain the title is one their followers and readers would enjoy. When an indie title is error filled, a blogger hostess will decline. I'm just saying... I'm a new indie author myself, and when I got a review that mentioned formatting glitches and some blank spots where ellipsis were supposed to be and a couple of dropped quotation marks, I copied that review straight off of Amazon and sent it along with the book ms to an editor for correction, and then had it formatted properly. Cost a 100$. But it had to be done. If you need some help with it, you might check in with IndiesUnlimited.com. You can usually find some inexpensive editing and formatting services among their staff. Good luck. 


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