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I am wondering how many of you bloggers host giveaways? Do you have contests? If so, could you give me a few ideas? Does the giveaways seem to help you obtain followers? I am very new to the blogging and several people have asked if I would be willing to give a book or two for  giveaways. I was just wondering how these work for my own future use.

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Sometimes I'll get a new follower when I do a give-away, but it's usually just my regular commenters that enter. I do give books away and people who follow my blog like that. I've also given away hand-made gifts around the holidays.

I do giveaways but have never seen a real rise in followers, but it did increase traffic.

I'm now more weary of doing giveaways due to the FTC rules, and I'm considering making any future giveaways UK only to make things easier.

There are some great blog posts on how to run legal sweepstakes (which giveaways are), one of them is  http://www.socialmediaexplorer.com/digital-marketing/sweepstakes-co....

Some keypoints are you have to use certain wording, allowing Canadians to participate is illegal, Facebook likes are against Facebook TOS and asking for a follow as a mandatory entry option is a greyarea at best. 

I do Giveaway's. I think the best thing to giveaway is an Amazon Gift card. That way the winner can get what ever they want :).

Rafflecopter is great for hosting giveaways. Its really easy to use.


I host a lot of authors on my blog and they sometimes offer a free book to someone who leaves a comment. It's interesting that I came upon your discussion today because I just posted "Christmas in July" on my blog. My mystery novel, "Unfinished Business," takes place at Christmastime and I'm offering a paper copy to someone who leaves a comment. I hope you'll stop by. Here's the link:


If any bloggers want a book to give away, I'll contribute one. Check my page and see if there's one you'd like to give, then let me know and I'll send you the freebie link for it.


I'm a new book blogger and I prefer join a giveaway hop to increase the number of my followers :) You should pick the right hop, like July New Release Giveaway Hop etc.

Thanks everyone or your help. This is great feedback.

I say its 50/50 on the new followers.. I think part of it is how you do entries, do you get more if they follow you on twitter and re-tweet.  If you are working directly with an author are they also publicizing the giveaway and getting people to your site?    The first contest I did was myself purchasing the books.  I have been getting books to review by authors, if I really like the book I will ask if they would like to do a giveaway.  Which has been fun bc it not only helps the author but I have gotten a few new followers and made some great new contacts.

I'm currently giving away my YA Novel, Magic Trixie and the Crystal Witch on my website, http://www.ebookonfire.com

I love Giveaways, both as a hostess and as a participating 'Want-to-be-winner'. When I first began to host giveaways, I included a mandatory blog follow on the Rafflecopter form. However, I noticed that although my number of followers went up, my page hits did not. Now, I always leave that as an optional choice. Sometimes I don't include a follow at all in the signup form. I still get a steady increase of followers through GFC, Google, and other options and the activity on my blog seems to reflect the increase as it happens naturally. So what I'm saying is, I don't want forced followers by requiring that in a giveaway. I'd rather have people that visit for the giveaway, like what they see, and follow for their own reasons. These are the kind of people that return on a regular basis to read other content.

This is what my new giveaway looks like if it gives you any ideas:


I gathered all the authors together for one big event as I find that works really well when there's a lot of prizes. People feel like they have a good chance of winning I think.

I'm actually doing a giveaway now!! Take a look!


"Hey ladies, gentlemen, and other voracious readers! I'm having a giveaway on my blog and IT STARTS TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!

The giveaway will run Aug. 1-25 and 6 winners will be drawn each receiving a prize! Now, prizes... 1 e-book copy of A Countess Below Stairs, 1 e-book copy of Delirium, 1 e-book copy of Sworn to Raise, 1 e-book copy of The Prince, 1 e-book copy of Double Crossed, and last, but not least, 1 e-book copy of Raven!! Enter as much as you can, and TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS!!"

And the giveaway is here- http://literaryexcursionsfromagirl.weebly.com

Feel free to re-post this EVERYWHERE!!! :)

I've done a couple giveaway, and yes, I think they do help me gain followers+views!


Need help?




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