Book Reviewer Yellow Pages (Second Edition)

Hello all, my company is gearing up to do the 2nd edition of the Book Reviewer Yellow Pages. If you want to be included, please contact me, (or post here with your contact info) and I will send you a list of questions to answer. You can be very specific about the genre that you accept, but you have to agree to accept Indie and Small Press. This is a resource for publishers and self-published authors. IT's FREE for any blogger to be listed, and you can increase your followers and web hits.


*Note: this is NOT a profit-generating book, in fact, we give it out to anyone for free, if they just agree to mention the resource on their blog or website. We DO NOT support or endorse any Vanity Publishers.  It's designed to help small publishers, and that's why we do it. All the bloggers/reviewers listed will also get a free (PDF) copy.The current list has about 168 reviewers, and it grows by about 5-10 reviewers per month.



How long has your site been active? (example: Since Nov 2008)

 Main Blog URL:

 Best method of contact:

 Main Reviewer’s Name:

 Do you accept independent and small press books?

Do you accept products for review?

 Do you accept audiobooks?

Do you accept children's books?

Do you accept Christian books?

Do you accept GLBT books?

Genres that you accept:

Genres that you do NOT accept:

 Do you accept non-fiction? If so, what type of material do you accept?

 Do you accept any adult content or erotica?

 Do you accept ebooks?           If so, what format? (pdf, etc)

Do you host online blog tours for authors?

 Do you host contests/giveaways?

 Approximate turn-around time for reviews:

What are your “pet peeves” when authors or publishers contact you for a review?:

Other than your own website, where else do you post your book reviews? (example: Amazon, Goodreads, etc):

Do you accept fees for any type of promotion or service? (example: Do you offer faster reviews, advertising, or product placement for a fee?):

Other comments (tell us a little bit about yourself and your blog/website):


Also, I have added a note to each listing that states which book format you prefer. Please let me know your preferred submission method:


Reviewer prefers: physical copies

Reviewer accepts: e-books and physical copies

Reviewer accepts: physical copies only

Reviewer accepts: e-books only

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Replies to This Discussion We read most anything and will give any book a try. My husband and I do this together, we both read different things and then review them. Sometimes we will both red the same book and then do a He Said/She Said post of the book, separate posts and reviews of the same book. lisapeters at yahoo dot com thanks Lisa
Hi Lisa, I e-mailed you with a list of questions about your review blog. Thanks!
I would love to be included. I don't have a specific genre, I will read just about everything. My blog is My email is
Thanks Samantha, I just sent you an e-mail with the questions.
Hi Samantha; the draft with your listing is ready. I'll send it as an attachment to you today so you can check how your blog is listed.

I would love to be included in this, even though I am just starting out with my book blog and reviewing that I'm mostly doing for fun just because I love to read. Though, I do tend to read mostly young adult, paranormal romance, dystopian, urban fantasy, historical, supernaturally type books :)



A Soul Unsung - Book Blog

Suz, I love your blog design! If it's a template, you did a great job. And you have a lot of ways for people to follow you, which I think is great. I don't know why every blogger doesn't do that.


But I didn't see any way for publishers to contact you. No contact form or e-mail. Please contact me and I will send you the questions, or post a reply with your e-mail.

Oh, thank you for the lovely feedback on the design I'm currently using. It is a pre-designed template, as I'm not very good with html/css or anything of that sort. But, I've tweeked it enough, that I sort of like what it has going for me. I'm still in the process of adding things, because this blog is still so very new and probably no more than a week old and a half old as far as blogging about books goes. 

I need to create a little nifty box on the sidebar with the information where publishers can contact me, if they would like to offer an arc or have a book that they would like for me to review, as I would be more than happy to do that. Like I said before, I most usually read young adult paranormal romance, dystopian, urban fantasy, mystery, supernatural, general teen fiction (historical, romance, etc.), with a slight smattering of regular gen fiction and adult paranormal romance, dystopian, and supernatural. lol. But, mostly just young adult. Though, I'm pretty open to a good deal of other stuff, just depends on if it strikes me.


I will definitely be contacting you, but if you happen to check back here you can email me at and send me the details that way. I don't mind at all. :)

here's my blog link..


I hope you add this to your list. Its also still a work in progress. I add new posts every Friday now and have been so happy to be a part of this site. Its nice knowing that there are people like me reading books and writing about them. I check out many of the blogs I added to follow everyday.

Shelly, I looked on your blog and I didn't see a way for publishers or authors to contact you. Please reply to this message or contact me and I will send you the publisher questionnaire.


I review kidlit and YA and the occasional adult fiction.

I love your blog's retro design. Rosie the Riveter is one of my favorite American symbols. I would love to add your blog to the list--I sent you an email with the questionnaire. Thanks!


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