I'm just wondering how long do you write your reviews? Well, for me mostly it would be just 2-3 short paragraphs unless I have too many things to say about the book. I am afraid that if I write longer reviews it would bore my readers as I tend to stay away from long reviews. I mean most of the 'long" reviews I read, it would include spoilers especially YA books . So as much as possible when I go to amazon or any book review blogs, I only check those with short reviews.

I asked because I was looking for some reviews about a certain book yesterday and there's only a few short reviews. I mean I'm buying a book and I don't want to read something with spoilers on it. Any thoughts?  Thanks!

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I try to avoid spoilers when I write book reviews.  I'll start out with a brief synopsis that generally won't give away a lot of what happens, but will give people some idea of what the book is about.  After that I'll talk about the strengths and weaknesses of the book and whether I would recommend it to others.  I've noticed that my reviews have gotten longer over time, but I think it's mostly because the more I read and review, the more I know what to look and talk about when I'm reading.


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I personally prefer short reviews and short to the point book description.


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I'd say short to medium--anywhere from 2 to 6 paragraphs, in that vicinity. If the book is epic in size and contain multiple view point characters, I might extend it.


I write until I have nothing more to say.

Some end up long, some short, but I generally chunk them into bite size pieces and bold the "important bits" for the skimmer. (I know I am guilty of skimming as well) Short reviews often bother me (ones only about a paragraph long) for they make me think the reviewer didn't read the book and is just "reviewing" to post stuff on their blog. I found that most of them say trivially general things like "it's a fun book, I recommend it..blah blah blah."

I try to keep most of my reviews, but I admit I give-in when there's just a BURNING plot hole/flaw I need to get out of my system lest I go crazy.

I use a formula for mine that, I think, covers anything that needs said.

Title, by Author

Summary From Amazon

Book Cover as Featured Image

What I Loved (Favorite parts of book)

What I Didn't Like (What I complain about. What could have been better)

My overall Review: X of 5 stars + Wrap-up paragraph or so where anything that I feel needs mentioned that isn't mentioned above is mentioned. 


About the Author

Links and such.

Depends what you have to say.

Don't take a 300 word review and make it a 1,000 just because you think you have to.

Most of my review are between 500-1,000 words including synopsis and I try to avoid spoilers as much as possible.


I don't have a fixed format. But generally it goes like this:

a general few words

a brief plot summary

what i felt after reading the book

anymore points of interest

And I normally make sure there is no plot spoilers

read that also

I generally try to keep mine short (three or four paragraphs) as I know that I have a short attention span and most other blog readers probably do too.  Sometimes my reviews run a bit longer if I have more to say about the book.  You can see my reviews at http://thekoalabearwriter.blogspot.ca/search/label/book%20review.

I usually start with a paragraph introducing the author and book and/or why I picked up this book to read.  Then I give a one or two paragraph overview of the book (synopsis), without spoilers.  Then I give a summary paragraph - what I thought of it overall and whether I'd recommend it or not.  I might add one more paragraph about something that jumped out at me.

I try to always include a cover photo and lately I've often started with the opening lines of the book, or another quote, to give the readers a taste for the author's writing.  :)

A really good book should merit a long review. If it's something short and low-calorie, then do a short review. As I horror reader and writer, I like to say a short and nasty book merits a short and nasty review!

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I don't count words or anything - I just write my honest opinion about it. It sometimes goes very short, sometimes long Depends on the book and I don't have any stabdart really, though I try to keep my reviews medium. No spoilers anyway, just a little when I have to.

I avoid spoilers at all costs.  I write up a 1 paragraph synopsis and a 1 paragraph review.  This gives me a chance to analyze the book, but not delve too deeply into it and ruin the book for someone who wants to actually read it.  Just an opinion of how well it was written, how well the characters acted, etc.  If I put the review up on other sites (ie, amazon, etc) I just put up the paragraph with my real review.

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i'd say one to two paragraphs......... some of the best reviews (and brutally honest) come from publisher's weekly, and they're usually only one paragraph long


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