I want to give a small challenge for you guys. Take a photo of ALL your bookish things that you own - excluding books of course. This includes bookmarks, geekery, etc. Write a post or post the photos here! I love seeing book/writing related things people own and if you can write WHERE you got them ;) haha. 

Here are the bookish things I own if you'd like to see.

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Oh, I don't have a picture, and I wish I did. My little girl got a hold of it and ripped it up. I cried.

I found through my old things, digging through a bookmark from when I was a teenager. It had one of those naked troll dolls that have nothing except long stuck up hair. (His hair was red.) He was reading a book. It was fantastic because it reminded my of how much things had changed. On it was the phrase...

I am a Troll reader!

You say that now and it's not a good thing. I laughed, and then felt old. I wish I could find a bookmark like that again.


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