I just wrote a post on my blog about this, but thought I'd start a discussion here as well. The basic situation is this: Yesterday, I picked up a book I forgot I had already read. It felt familiar, and about halfway through, I went to goodreads to check it out, discovering that I had in fact *tried* to read it four months ago. I didn't finish, gave it one star, and a scathing review.

Yesterday, I did finish the book. I do agree with my earlier comments, but they didn't bug me as much this time, and overall I'd give it three stars. Perhaps not a night and day flip flop, but pretty significant for me, especially since I try to reserve my one-star reviews for books that truly deserve it.

Luckily, this particular review didn't make my blog, or I'd probably feel worse. I imagine I'll update my goodreads review with the honest truth, but I found myself wondering if anyone else out there has ever changed their mind about a book? What do you do if you reviewed it?

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I have had minor adjustments in my original opinion of a book after rereading it or mulling it over for a few months. I think it's fine to change your mind, but I wouldn't delete your original review. I'd just write an amendment or update to it and let readers know what you thought of it the second time around. 

Kate {The Parchment Girl}


Twitter: @parchmentgirl37

I wouldn't change your original review. It is important to offer your true reaction to the book, even if you later really enjoyed it. When I read a review, I want to know if the book is worth my time. If your first response was to not finish the book, then I may hesitate to read it. Of course, it would be perfectly fine to add a note at the bottom of your original review, as long as the original stays intact. I have also regretted some scathing reviews in the past. Just remember that it is okay to change your mind, but rewriting a review would be a bit dishonest. 



Of course you can change your mind especially since you never even finished the book the first time. Personally I would say something in your new review that you hated it the first time but enjoyed it more this time. It may just be one of those books that has a horrible first half but redeems itself at the end. Your readers need to know it's worth sticking with.

A year ago I read a young adult paranormal romance, which I referred to it as cotton candy or light on substance when I reviewed it at my blog. I also indicated that I didn't plan to read the sequels. A year later, I still remember it. Moreover, in comparison to other young adult paranormal romances, I've read since it seems pretty good. My plan is to eventually read the sequels and in them note that I've had a change of heart. If the book had been a standalone, I guess like others here I'd probably just add an update. Then readers will know that you have mixed feelings, which is good for them to see.

Hi Christine,

For what its worth. I say let your original review stand but add that you've revitied the book and completed it. Then add the extra stars and the reason why.


I guess I'm odd because I don't review books I don't finish. However, it's perfectly fine to change your opinion later. I've done it.

Snap. If I don't finish a book I don't review it. You're not alone. :) Still, it does mean I have to trawl through some miserable reading experiences. :s

I don't usually review books I don't finish on my blog -- only exception was Twilight, and I did force myself to get through 3/4 of it.

I will review books I don't finish on goodreads if something about the book actively annoyed me. I have a category for "abandoned" books. In it, are books that I found actively bad and painful to read. Books that simply never grabbed my attention (more passive boredom) don't get reviewed.

I don't see anything wrong with reviewing books you haven't finished, as long as you explain that you didn't finish, describe when you stopped, and state explicitly why you didn't finish. The sort of reviewer who would do this is my favorite kind, because he or she is giving me a taste of their actual reading experience, for better or worse. Most reviews that don't contain spoilers are told from a mid-book perspective, anyway.

In the case of the book in question, I did not change my mind because I finished it. I really think I was in a different mood from the start, less inclined to get prickly about some of the eye-rolling moments that disgusted me the first time through. (I did still roll my eyes, however. :) )

I think it it is fine to change your opinion. However. Just to be fair I would mention in your review that you couldn't finish the book months ago but tried again. Being honest about your experience with a book is always the key.

-Janiera @This is From My Heart

You can definitely change your mind! I do it all the time. Sometimes you are just in a bad place when you read a book, or you miss something key that you later understand. I'd write a second review (where possible) and write your thoughts as a record of your opinion at the time. I'm sure your tastes develop over time anyway, so it'll be interesting to look back.

I agree with Kate.  Post both reviews or an amended, updated review - they're both honest reflections of where you were, as a reader, at a certain point in time.  Speaking of which, I had a funny experience when Borders was still open.  I picked up a music CD that was recorded a few years back and was trying to figure out whether to buy it or not... I almost did, but when I came home I realized that it was an album that I wrote a negative review of for my college newspaper back in the day.  Whew!  In this case, I'm glad that I deferred to my original judgment.   Joseph  http://josephsreviews.wordpress.com/

You could do a couple of things.. ammend your original review. Let people know that with a second read it changed your opinions. Or write a new review from your adjusted POV,

That has happened to all of us. How many books have you read and it left an eh feeling then with a second read you enjoyed it? Most of the time this happens to me with a highly anticipated book, they often do not live up to the build up. But a second read, after the hype, will showcase some of it's better aspects. While these books rarely become "favorites" they do sit better with me.


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