Any one, know any good sites to find good covers? I'm after something for a horror and a sci-fi book.

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Here is a email I got with book covers.

A message from Bree Starlet to all members of Promote Your Books! on Book Blogs!

Authors, do you write contemporary, chick lit, romance, paranormal, or fantasy novels? Are you looking for cheap, affordable covers? If so, I just wanted to spread the news about a cover designing friend. She doesn't have a website up yet, but has experience designing book covers, and is offering pre-made book covers for $25 each.

Here are some examples of the pre-mades available:

If you're looking for a more custom cover and you already have an image on hand, she can do minor photomanipulating and typography for $45. If interested, please contact bleachingclouds [at] gmail [dot] com!

Look on my blog, have two that might fit the bill. Can do others.

Have three up right now, let me know what you need. I am an author, but I am sidelining as well with some graphic design. Look in the post "Covers needing a story".

I no longer offer pre-made covers. Too much hassle, and not enough time.

I just started, so I don't have an actual portfolio yet, but just in case you're interested:

You can find some cool, royalty-free images at for pretty cheap with non-exclusive rights. You're limited to printing 500,000 copies, though at that point you could easily get a custom cover made.

Check out the cover of my Sci-Fi novel here on Amazon:

I purchased the image on Canstock.

I do not know what your time table is like but you can also check out your local Science Fiction Convention or comic convention.  A good number of artist go there to sale their art.  You can check them out and talk price with them.

I actually found this place in the end. - there was freaking hundreds there! Really good designs as well.

Alice is an awesome designer.

From my experience, and I've interviewed many author/publicists/agents, Cover design and the name of the book aside from ratings are the only marketing tools you have. Don't scrimp here. It's not worth it. Don't get some stock art, please. 


I got the cover for THE DROPOUT from in the USA. She charged me $50 (for up to 10 alterations) plus a $7 fee for the use of the Beachy Head cover. See it at  (The JASON HOWL cover, not yet used off-site, is one I conjured up myself!).

My friend can make covers. I'm not sure what price range he'd offer at the moment, but I do know he's done a lot of horror work and some science fiction.

You can see what he did for my book, Ashlynn's Dreams here. (BTW, kindle version is free today and tomorrow Feb 25, 26) That book is YA science fiction. I get the feeling you're going for more of a spacy feel ... and he'd be good at that too.

Let me know if you would like contact info. The investment might be more but the results are well worth it because it's something designed specifically for the work, not made from stock photos.

Check out this guy: He does really decent covers.

If you want more expensive and potentially awesome ($50-$250) join and leave a post HERE has an incredible selection of over 2000 professionally designed one-of-a-kind book covers in the most popular genres. You can then easily customize the book cover yourself on our site ( it's fun! ) and download it immediately. You will receive an eBook and Print cover. After a cover is sold it is removed from our site and never sold again. Many covers are priced at $69.

We then help you promote your book on our site, on Facebook (over 4000 "likes") and to our 13,000+ Twitter followers!

Authors- best of luck with your new books!




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