I have very few comments on my blog. It picked up for awhile and now...nada...I sometimes ask  a question after a post and I occasionally comment on other blogs but it's still pretty quiet. I have over 100 followers and over 15,000 page views but can't seem to inspire more comments?

Any ideas?

Joyce at Joyce's Choices at http://www.jssherr.blogspot.com


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Hi Joyce,

I visited your blog and wow! I cant speak for others but I was impressed! You have some really interesting material on there. And yes, I am a Grisham fan. His is the only fiction I read.

I cannot honestly say why you are not getting more comments In my mind, it certainly isnt a question of quality.

 I dont get many comments on my blog and I have only a handful of followers. Maybe Im missing something but this doesnt comcern me. Im happy with what I have right now. My blog is still fairly new so I expect as time goes on this will gradually increase. Im so busy with work  and writing my book that I dont worry about it.

Your blog is really well done and my best advice is try not to worry.

J.C. Christian

Thankyou so much!! Really appreciate your advice...You sound like you have a busy life..Good luck with your book!!

I think a blog needs thousands of followers to get a decent amount of comments. So, it's not your fault or what you're doing that's wrong. As you get more followers you will get more comments.

Thanks so much Christine.. I think I need to comment more on other blogs too..


Go to other blogs, comment, go back, and they will come back to comment too. When I first started out I did a few popular memes and found nice new people to talk to. The thing is if you only occasionally venture out from your blog then how does people find you? And sure I got followers, but it's only those whose comment I comment on that actually comment back.

Thankyou BLODEUEDD!  You make sense.. I definetly need to get out more!!!! Thanks for your advice.


Thankyou Engelia.. I love your comment,, "keep blogging to blog"...so true..and that is the attitude I am going to go with. I appreciate all that you said and it really makes sense. You've given me a lot to think about.  To deliberately go out and search for blogs to comment on seems insincere. Something has to strike me the right way in order to post a comment and I'm sure people feel the same way about my blog.

Appreciate your input..Joyce at http://www.jssherr.blogspot.com


I can tell you right now why you are not getting comments. It is the requirement of the captcha in order to leave a comment. Bloggers don't have much time. You have to consider that lots of people, including myself, have at least 30-40 blogs or more to view per day, leave a comment and move on. The fact that you ask people to put in a security code in order to comment takes away soooo much of that time it's not even funny. Bloggers do not like to leave comments if they have to put in a code. If they get it wrong, it refreshes. If you get it wrong too many times, they lose their comment altogether and that is really VERY frustrating.

If you are worried about spam, don't be. Blogger catches more than you realize. And if you do get a spam comment that shows up on your blog, it is far quicker and easier for you to go in and delete it than it is for someone to put in that code.

Trust me.




@MLChesley on Twitter

Thankyou Mel.. You have a good point...not sure if I'm ready to take that route yet..I'm a spam-phobic!  Appreciate your advice.

Well, if anything, moderate the comments. That way, the commenter can post what they want and you have to approve it.

Comment for a comment may be better.

I like Blodeuedd's comment,

Oh! Christine, Engelia and Mel's too.


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