I have only been blogging for three months. I have close to 5,000 page views but nobody ever leaves a comment ....maybe I have had six comments. I've tried posting questions but get very little response.My blog is Joyce's Choices at http://jssherr.blogspot.com

Anyone have any suggestions?



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Hi Joyce,

I looked at your blog--it's great! I noticed your Vertical Response ad--if you don't mind me asking, is that a paid ad? I'm looking into getting some advertising. Any pointers on how to do that? I appreciate your input! Thanks, Jennifer

That is awesome.   I started blogging today.

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I see you have close to 5000 pageviews TOTAL but it's how many a day that tells you how many visitors you are getting. My one blog (not my book one) gets 6000 pageviews a month (approx 200 a day) and I don't get many comments unless I post my link on a exchange comments thread.

Work on your site design, every post is formatted differently, it's hard to read. You should always have the same fonts, text size and everything should not be bold.

Ask a question at the end of the post.Get rid of captcha and allow anonymous comments ( you might get a bit of spam but your blog isn't big enough yet to get tons of them.) Many people want to comment with name and email and not an account and they can't do that without allowing anonymous

Also check these out:


You're absolutely right. Good advice!

Thankyou Callista..Really appreciate your comments. I am new at this and am learning as I go..You've helped a lot.

Joyce at http://www.jssherr.blogspot.com

My blog is almost two years old, but it doesn't have lots of comments either. So I'm reading all these replies with hopes of finding tips for my own blog. :-)

After reading ProBlogger, I admit one reason for lack of comments at my blog probably is due to my long reviews. Another reason is my short teasers probably lead my readers away from my site because I include links to blogs of featurd authors. That leaves me with just my Wednesday posts, which are short and normally include a question. I started those this year and not sure why those haven't boosted comments.

Reading on....


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YUS! its called refering spam! basically its a program created to go to your blog over and over again, messing up your stats! THESE PROGRAMS ARE NOT REAL PEOPLE! 

symptoms of referer spam are....

200 views from the same country, same browser, and the same webiste.

for more info click



google search referer spam too...

Start a facebook page associated with your blog and you will get more hits.  



hmm the best suggestion I have is that by commenting on other blogs that'll infuse yours with some comments :)

Don't let the lack of comments drive you nuts they'll come in bursts :)

Thankyou Kimberly... I'm not so hung up on it anymore...But that's a good suggestion...


Need help?





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