I have only been blogging for three months. I have close to 5,000 page views but nobody ever leaves a comment ....maybe I have had six comments. I've tried posting questions but get very little response.My blog is Joyce's Choices at http://jssherr.blogspot.com

Anyone have any suggestions?



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Until you are REALLY big - as in at least tens of thousands of page views per month - you need to network. As in life, so it is in blogging. The more you make the rounds and comment on others' blogs that interest you and that are relevant to what you blog about, the more likely those people will visit and comment on your blog. At least that is what I have found works for me. In addition to that, you need to be involved in social media. Tweet and share your posts on Twitter, Facebook, Google and so on. You can also try to gear your posts towards eliciting comments. Someone mentioned asking a question. That can sometimes help. The more your posts appeal to your audience and have them identifying with what you said in some way, the more likely you are to receive comments. You can try participating in blog hops that include bloggers who share your views. I hope that helps! Best of luck!!

Thank you so much for your views..such good suggestions! Joyce

I think people have given you the same thoughts on a same thing... I stopped by your site and said Hello...


Visit The Madness:

Hi Jeremy.. Thankyou for stopping by...I am now a follower of your blog..

Wow! That's a really fun blog!! You've done a great job with it...

Yes, everyone has been so helpful. I now have lots of comments.

Come by anytime..

Joyce @ http://www.jssherr.blogspot.com



No thank you... I am glad you liked my place, blogger

offers some great options and friends.

All the best.

Visit The Madness:

How do you check your page views on this site?

You can't check your page views on this site but if you use blogger, go to the Dashboard and click on Stats and a complete graph will appear with your page views.

You can also add a gadget that will show on your blog that keeps a tally of the views.
Hope this helps.

5000 views in 3 months is phenomenal.  Where do you promote it?  Someone said in some newsletter, always leave a CTA, a Call to Action. Like a provocative question.  It doesn't even have to relate to the blog subject.  I do it sometimes and sometimes it works. I love comments.


Hi Joyce,

I just read a helpful article today at ProBlogger. Here are seven tips on how to end a blog post strong. A few of them address the issue of comments.

I have the same issues with my blogs. I'm working on it! I don't like feeling like I write to outer space!  Also, what is your bounce back rate? Are people staying or is your traffic accidental. If you have a low bounce back rate, then you should be able to cajole some comments using these tips!

Good luck!

Jennifer of The Jennifer (Author) Diaries

Joyce, I stir up a little controversy on my blog, and I'm newer than you are. You have great page-view stats and your friend list is mounting. This does take time and repeated posts. Stay active and interact with the commentators you do get.

Fancy meeting you here! Sorry I can't help you...you are the one and only who has even LOOKED at my blog (uggggg)

Well, I think the most direct way is to bribe comments.  Host a giveaway and make it a requirement to post a comment to enter into the giveaway.  But then you'd probably get a ton of boring, lame "thanks for the giveaway!" comments which I have a feeling is not what you want.  


Need help?




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