As the Sponsor of Writer's Got Talent, I requested members to send their book trailers so I can add them to the ACIC page and was impressed by the videos I received.  So.. I decided to do a new book trailer for my Dragon Keepers books.  I just put two new trailers up and today got a bump in sales.  Not sure if it is because of the book trailers, but it could be.  I am hoping the book sales continue to escalate. 

How do you feel about book trailers?  Work, don't work? Have one or more, don't have any?  Inquiring minds want to know.

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That's interesting - would be good to be able to have more figures relating to sales/trailers, - occasionally I hear there is an increase in an author's sales after they've uploaded a trailer I've made for them - is it too late to post add any more trailers to the ACIC page ? :) I have several (for various fellow authors) and one or two I created for my own work .... 

Season II will being in the Spring.  Registration is closed right now but soon after Season I closes I will open up registration for Season II.  The announcement will be made on the Writer's Got Talent blog.  Authors that take part in the Contest can have their trailers added to the site. 

thanks :)


I put a similar question up on my Book Blogs page on October 22, 2011. So far it has gotten 3093 views and 129 replies. Check it out, and add your book trailers if you wish. Most authors I have been in contact with feel that while book trailers can be fun, if you make them yourself, generally they are a waste of time and money. My 2011 post is below:

My friend, author Stephen Poleskie, recently had a book trailer made for his book VIGILIA'S TEMPEST. While it had over 700 hits on YouTube in the first months it was up, and has now passed 4200 hits, he is not quite sure how many sales this actually accounted for. Here is the link to his book trailer if you would like to check it out:

Let me know what your opinion is of the effectiveness of book trailers, positive or negative. Please feel free to post your book trailer here if you have one, or someone elses if you wish to comment on it.

Best wishes,

Pearson Oldmitz

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Have one. Not sure how much it has helped my sales.

My book trailer just went over 400 views in just a couple months.

I'm skeptical that they work unless they're very slick and professional. There's just such a glut of them now, and unfortunately, many of them are poorly made in one respect or another. Corny dialogue and slow pacing are two problems that seem to plague them quite a bit.

I'm not sure about book trailers, for me personally, I ALWAYS include the book trailer of the book i'm reviewing/talking about.

I find they make my blog post more interactive.

Recently I dared whip up four book trailers for You Tube, and considering my lack of expertise and limited resources, I think they came out as well as some of the others I've seen there. I'm listing them below. You can look at them and if you can use them anyplace, feel free. Thanks, and best wishes, Carl


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