I am considering create space to finally print my book, but I am concerned about the quality of the paperback print copies. It claims a 60# paper weight, but there is not mention of the cover weight, and the cover style glossy or matt. Most printers I have looked into quote me on a 70 # paper weight and a matt cover at least 100#. does anyone have any thoughts on this?

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I am happy with the quality of CreateSpace's printing. However, my book is black, white, gray, and light-blue, and the light-blue looks gray on the cover, so there is no color on the cover. Also, the title and my name go near the edges (so make sure you leave plenty of space on the edges, because they cut off a lot). And because my title is long, it did not fit on one line on the spine even though I reduced the text size.

I also use Lulu. The quality is good too, and the title fits on one line. However, the pages are cream colored. So there are positives and negatives of both publishers. I do favor CreateSpace though, because I like the crisp-white pages, which look more professional.

@Christine, I'm surprised that you said the white pages look more professional. Literally all the books I own are printed on cream paper. I've tried both with Lulu and prefer the cream pages way more, but the font does look sharper on white, I suppose.


@C.B., I recently printed a book on CreateSpace that had a dark blue cover, but the cover ended up looking black once it was printed. I was disappointed and changed the cover to a lighter blue. Just make sure you make the cover lighter than you want it to be and it should print the way you actually want it. (The covers are glossy.)

I love Create Space. The people there are awesome and my books look great

I've had absolutely no problem with createspace.


Perhaps you should try getting a literary agent? If you are willing to put time into writing a book then why not put the time into getting an agent to get you a major publishing house...Kind of make sense huh?

Still working on that. There are fewer agents than writers I am afraid, but I know much more now, and intend to continue to get a good publisher. I thought I had one but they turned out to be a joke.

I almost went with Create Space, but the restricting factor was that they do not offer a "book return guarantee" option in their a-la-carte program.  Without a book return policy book stores will not carry your book, even you are listed in the catalog.  Out of the POD publishers I only found three, and I went with Dog Ear Publishing because it was the cheapest.  Each company seems to have strengths and weakness.  I think the editing fees in Create Space are about the cheapest, so I hired a grad student in English to do it.  Dog Ear does not have a very strong support system for marketing, so I am going elsewhere for that too.

I printed mine on createspace, and they look and feel fine - just like a book at Barnes & Nobles. originally, I created a cover, but for the 2nd edition I used one of their sample covers, which have very extensive customization options - many of which are not exactly obvious. Be careful about dummying up covers - I found a couple of the dummy covers showing up in my Amazon store for sale, and never did figure out how that happened. 

I've gotten a few books for review from authors who printed the books through create space and I haven't really found a difference other than they're a little bit heavier than books published by publishing houses, but otherwise the covers are smooth and glossy and the pages seem pretty normal

My book was done by Create Space and I had full control over how it looked - matt/gloss, white paper, size etc. If you want, check it out on amazon and let me know what you think. Have you been on create space forums? I have found them to be very helpful in all matters. I am not computer literate and am learning as i go, some people on the forums helped me with that. My book is 'Echoes' and can be found on this link.


Hope this helps

P.J Roscoe

I just published my latest mystery, Good Gladys using Createspace (it's the fifth book I've done with this service.) I love the tools they offer, which are easy to use and do exactly what they should.

The best part is the price of the proof copies (always order multiple proofs and have friends or reviewers read them for errors etc.) The cost of proofs is really low compared to other services (e.g., a 400 page novel might cost $7 per proof). Also the proofs look exactly like the finished product. I usually order 5 proofs, distribute them and get feedback, make changes to the cover and text as needed. Then order another 5 proofs and do the whole process over again until I am satisfied. The finished product has always come without surprises.

Also, it doesn't cost anything, so even if you decide to use another service for the final product, you can use Createspace first as a test. Free tools that work, and great service - what more could you ask for?

Good Luck,


I think this is something not thought of when searching out a printer - book cost. Putting everything else to the side, I found CS (CreateSpace) much cheaper than the other POD I used AH (Authorhouse). 240 pages at AH will run around $13.95 for a book set at $19.95, whereas CS will charge $3.15 for a book priced at $10.99 with 194 pages. This makes a big difference in the long run. I'd considered Lulu for my next work, but noticed CS has added Kirkus to their Total Design Freedom Advanced package. Well worth the money to be reviewed by them. Good luck choosing, C.B.


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