Do video book trailers increase the sales of your books?


A professional graphic artist created video book trailers for each novel in my trilogy.


What do you think of my video book trailer for my latest medical thriller--Denied?


Do you fell video book trailers help you sell more books?  Please feel free to post your video on this discussion.  Thanks



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Your book trailer is very good but the answer on your question is no. Unfortunately book trailers don't help sell more books unless the trailer itself gets an insane amount of views (talking about hundreds of thousands or millions.)

I created two trailers for my short stories not to sell books but to draw attention to my blog (the stories are free on my blog.) However at the moment it works in reverse, my blog draws attention to the trailers. You can see both of them at

One more thing about trailers. When one posts a video on youtube it is highly unlikely the video will be seen in big numbers. As a matter of fact you'll be lucky if you draw a few hundred views. For months now, if not longer, top 10 channels on youtube draw more than 60% of all views. That leaves all others (number is in millions) to share only 40% of the youtube market. Out of this 40% almost 90% goes on funny or awkward "one and done" videos.

Hello Ironfist

Just having a video trailer on YouTube and posted on your web site will not drive sales, as you state.  The number of hits to the video is too small to make a significant difference in sales.  There are so many video trailers out there that most of ours get lost in the shuffle.

I use my video trailers to excite potential readers of my books when I meet them at various venues.  Either using my laptop or an I-pad, I show the video trailer in addition to my usual pitch on the book.  In this scenario, I have found professionally done book trailers to modestly increase sales.


Appreciate your input.  Please send me a friend invite.  Look forward to exchanging ideas.  Good luck.


Michael Rushnak

It looks good, but unfortunately, some of the words went by so faint and/or quickly that I couldn't quite read them. Maybe it's just me. 

I have three trailers floating around and so far I can't see that they've helped one iota. 

What we need is a prominent display at the entrance to Barnes & Noble with a mean-looking ex-con named Big Bugga ordering people to buy a copy, or else.

Hi C.M.

Appreciate your input.

I've shown my video book trailers at book store signings using an Apple I-pad.  IMO, the video trailers have helped interest readers to buy.  I believe showing the video trailers yourself will help sales as long as we (the authors) are also engaging the readers using our own outgoing personality.


Stay in touch.  All the best,

Michael Rushnak

Dear Dr. Rushnak;

I posted this same question on Book Blogs over a year ago. So far It has gotten 120 comments and 2975 views. You can check it out on my page, and post your own video there if you like.

Best wishes for success with your book.

Pearson Oldmitz


Thanks Pearson.  I'll check out your page.  Let's connect as friends on Book Blogs.

Take care


I think a book trailer could conceivably increase sales if it somehow gets enough views and if it's also professional and intriguing. Many of them, however, are slow and hokey.

Thanks Richard for your response.  I agree with your comments.  My video book trailers are designed by a professional graphic artist.  They are fast paced, meant to mirror the pacing of my medical/psychological thrillers.


My trailers are easily seen on my web site with one click.  In addition, I bring my laptop to show these book trailers via projectors on large screens whenever I speak before audiences.  I believe when the author shows them to a group of potential reader fans, sales are more likely as the storyline through the video amplifies and brings to life the story.  I'm not sure that a video trailer embedded solely on a web site adds very much to sales unless the reader is already a fan of yours.


I welcome all comments.  Please share your thoughts and experiences.  Please also send me a friend invite on Book Blogs.  Good luck!  Thanks.


Michael Rushnak

It would be an addition to marketing and could also become the best.

But, I consider it would be better and best if a book trailer is a scene from the book itself, keeping in mind that the book is good enough for filming.

If necessary, I think of doing that for my fiction book, 'Lallula, Fairies and Super Being in a Mysterious Land.'

Hi, Good points.  Consensus so far indicates that a video book trailer will not increase sales unless the author does a lot more to augment the marketing of their book(s).  A well done video, however, can be a useful addition to the overall marketing strategy.

Please join me as a friend on Book Blogs.  Thanks


Your experience would also be a great lesson which can benefit us, your fellow writers, if you share.

Thanks, I've added you.


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