I have a Twitter account, but I'm not so sure using it to promote my books is doing any good. I'm not getting much traction. Can anyone offer any other ideas? I'm trying to tweet with radio stations, tv hosts, local interests shows in my areas, but of course, they don't reply. Any idea would help.

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How big is your Twitter following? You will need to build up a very large amount of followers. But don't just add everyone; add people who would be interested in your books (readers and writers). Post tweets other than just promotion of your books, because people get tired of seeing promotional links for every tweet and you will get less followers too. Write quality tweets that have good spelling and grammar, especially since you are an author and what you post online reflects you as an author. Use hashtags (a # followed by a keyword).

Don't give up on Twitter. You should definitely continue tweeting even if it seems like you're not getting much out of it. And there's no definite way to tell where your book sales are coming from, so it's worthwhile to continue tweeting just in case it is helping. Marketing is a lot of work, but as an author you must do it.

Don't use social media to solely promote your books, no one will listen.

Use social media to engage with current and future readers.

Unfortunately the ROI on social media has yet to be measured (because it's very difficult to do so), think of it was word-of-mouth.


I agree with what others have said. Don't just tweet out about your books and nothing else -- this won't encourage people to follow you or check out your book. Make sure you add fellow authors, book bloggers, perhaps even publishers, and engage with them. Reply to the things they post, and post interesting, varied things yourself.

My own follower numbers and participation has stalled the last few months because I haven't been conversing enough with other tweeters (but I'm working on getting back there). Make sure you keep going. :)

I am with twitter for the last few months. I only added people that would be interested in my genre. I started by posting tweets nearly everyday. Which became exhausting. People get very sick of promotion. So instead I would tweet a quote maybe once a week. My quote's where being re-tweeted and I got a lot more followers. I would promote about once a week now. I am not sure if it helps but I will continue to do it. Take a good phrase from your book or something that will make people curious, to see what exactly you are talking about. If you always put your website address in your tweet people will click the link to see. :) hope this helps. 

Thank you all for your advice. I was mainly just tweeting for people to buy my books because I haven't the slightest idea what to say!

Twitter is a very interesting animal and not for everyone.   It does take a long time to build up a following and to get any sort of mileage out of it.  Use hashtags correctly and be generous in your re-tweets.

You can follow me at E_gerds on twitter.

Measuring the effectiveness of Twitter as a promotional tool is akin to asking the question - how long is a piece of string. 

In my experience, factors such as the frequency of your tweets, the times of the day that you are posting your tweets, the hashtags that you are adding to your tweets all have a part to play in the success or otherwise of your strategy. 

Also, I employ a rule of thirds in my Twitter conduct. A third of my tweets are self promo, a third are cross promo (ie supporting others) and a third is pure conversation. This way, you don't risk coming off as a purely sales driven tweeter. 

Try adding the following hashtags to your tweets. #BYNR and #novelines. By adding these, you're opening up your reach because these hashtags are followed by a lot of people. Think about when you're sending your tweets out. I often set up a bunch to go out between 8 and 9 in the morning. People are often on the commute to work. They're on the bus, the train and what are they most likely doing? Looking at their smartphones - their twitter feeds. In order to capture different times zones you might want to look at scheduling tweets using an app like Hoot Suite. This is the tool I use and I schedule tweets to go out at different times to account for my American audience, my UK audience and of course, my Australian audience. 

I have also taken part in Tweet Teams. This is where a group of people band together and RT each other in exchange for you RT'ing them. I have a kind of love/hate relationship with this but, I think it has helped. For more on this - visit http://www.worldliterarycafe.com/forum/153 which is a good illustration of the Tweet Team. 

Don't bother tweeting radio stations or TV stations or TV hosts. They rarely take any notice of people - especially authors. The only way you're going to have any chance in getting their attention is to get on the phone and speak to them. Find out who it is you want to speak to, who their assistant is, their producer. Visit the station in person and see if you can arrange to meet with the person you seek. 

This isn't really even scratching the surface but, I hope it offers you some food for thought.

Have you signed up with Triberr (it's free!)? It's a Twitter multiplier. Basically, you join other Twitter users in a "tribe" & tweet each other's blog posts. Nice way to get more exposure for your tweets & also to break up your Twitter stream with other types of posts.

Message me if you want more info.


Hi Jay-

I would like more information about the Twitter multiplier. 

And perhaps you, or someone, could explain why I get more followers but my number of followers doesn't increase or doesn't reflect an increase in the number of followers I have obtained?  Driving me crazy :/

Thanks so much

Hi Sherry - 

First set up an account at www.triberr.com. You link it to your Twitter account & also your blog feed. It's pretty straight forward. Next, go to the "bonfires" tab and look for a tribe to joins - tribes are groups of bloggers who tweet each other's posts. Each has its own set of rules - some tribes want you to tweet every post & others allow you to pick and choose. It's a pretty friendly community. I've met some great bloggers!

One reason why your number of followers might not be increasing is because there are users out there they will stop following you as soon as you follow back! I have quite a few followers whose accounts are suspended, too. One way to check it out is by using the site unfollowers.me - you'll be able to see who has  stopped following you & you can unfollow them back.

Hope this makes sense - there's a Minecraft battle raging on the other computer & I can barely think!


For some reason, I never found all that many people interested in following me on Twitter. I've done much better at attracting interested parties on Facebook. It may be because Facebook gives me more help when I'm trying to be likable and entertaining. I wish people Happy Birthday, make fun of the ads on the side of the screen, etc.

Think of Twitter like a cocktail party or happy hour.  You might not mind someone mentioning that they sell insurance or even handing you their card when you tell them you've been meaning to get quotes for life insurance... but you're gonna look for someone to rescue you if they spend every moment of their time with you telling you how much you NEED life insurance and why you NEED to buy it from them.

You get followers on Twitter by actively engaging with people and providing interesting information that they either find useful, entertaining, or both. If your stream looks like "buy my book, buy my book, buy my book" you're more likely to get crappy automated spam bot followers rather than someone who will really want to buy or recommend your book.

Daisy Harris (@thedaisyharris) is a writer who is a natural at using Twitter... check out her stream to see what a quality writer's stream can look like.  She has a great rapport with her readers and even though I don't read her genre, I enjoy following her and retweeting her because she really gets Twitter... she's there not JUST to promote her work, but to engage with others.  

Hope that helps!


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