Okay author friends I need help. My book in Kindle format is not showing the italicized text. I have tried a number of possible solutions to fix this and can't figure out how to make it stick. Does anyone have experience with this? What can I do? 

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I believe that Kindle doesn't do italics, CB

I use single quotes (') songs, books, names of ships stuff like that

and commas (,) where I need emphasis, and say 'to hell' with the Oxford comma critics.

I do this for Kindle only, by making a naked Word copy just for them.

It is the only solution I can find.

Have you tried saving it as "Webpage, filtered" and uploading the Htm file? That is the type of file that KDP recommends. I can help you with this if you'd like. My email is christine@christinericepublishingservices.com.


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