Eye-Catching Blog Design: What Works and What Doesn't?

So you go to a new blog, and in less than 10 seconds, you've probably decided whether to stay and read or not. What makes you stay? What makes you go? Keep in mind, you haven't had time to read any content -- maybe titles.

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I use a three column design, which I've tinkered around with quite a bit. Some people find these a little busy, but I've basically gone with a style that I like and tried to make it as usable as possible.

I'd still be interested to hear what people think though - I'm always trying to evolve the design and make it easier to use.

Matthew - Bibliofreak.net - A Book Review Blog

The blog has to be neat and clean, not filled with clutter.


Quoth The Raven Nevermore

Minimal clutter, well written posts, and SHORT posts... I am on limited time, so long posts or one HUGE paragraph are less appealing to me.





I am now getting comments on my Blog. I have posted them in the sidebar..Is that a good thing or not?  I see posted comments on some blogs and none at all on other blogs...What are your thoughts?

My blog is at  http:// www.jssherr.blogspot.com


Normally comments are on each individual post at the bottom. You can choose to look at them by clicking the comments link or not be bothered by them (as the reader). I don't think its bad for you to have your feed on the side, I just prefer to display as little as possible. Mostly navigational icons.





Hi Shawn.. I just visited your blog and like it very much. I am trying to simplify mine and would appreciate your opinion. I am trying to keep the font uniform and realize it's not all consistent yet. So any ideas you have will be welcome. I am still new at this whole blog thing!!

I also became a follower of your blog

Joyce at http://jssherr:www.jssherr.blogspot.com


Too much clutter, bad spelling and grammar and too many memes put me off.

I keep my blog really simple. That's partly because I'm not so tech savvy, but also, I don't want to lose my reader interest with tons of bells and whistles. They can get into my article or post within five seconds without going cross-eyed. Example:


I love this kind of topic! 

I am all about clean yet pleasing. I don't want to be distracted with lots of color, images, designs, etc. And yet I don't want one of those, oh, yet-another-generic-template blog...so boring. The presentation has got to be unified, with a tiny bit of something interesting or unexpected to catch my eye.

My personal taste: classy black-and-white = communicates no fuss yet stylish, serious but with blank space for creativity. The unexpected little piece of artwork in my title conveys my ancestry, providing something personal yet recognizable :) 

I'm not sure what I like in a blog... perhaps something I can read properly? :D 

I don't mind a little flair or colour... actually I quite like it. If it captures my attention, then I'll find some excuse or other to read on.

If anyone has the time, could they drop by my blog http://far-past-midnight.blogspot.com.au/ tell me how it is/ how I can improve it? 

Thank you in advance :)

Overall, your blog looks very focussed and organized. The subtle use of color is very pleasing to look at, and your presentation of different posts are clearly distinguished. The only suggestion I have would be for you to clean up the side bar. Decide which widgets you really need and get rid of the rest. I look forward to seeing how your blog evolves. 



Thank you
I'm currently getting rid of non-important widgets :D 


Need help?




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