I understand a lot of author’s are now using Facebook Fan Pages.  Is anyone finding that helps sales?  If you have one, how about sharing tips on how to make the pages better? 

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Hi, Michael. 

I've had a fan page on Facebook for about a year now.  At first, it was completely useless since I had very few followers and they were mostly just my friends who felt sorry for me.  However, as time went on, I started to see an interest from real fans who've read my books and wanted to know more about me and my work.  I still don't have a large following, but it's growing. 

A fan page is a good way to get yourself out there and keep in touch with your fans.  Now, when I have a new book coming out I actually see sales as soon as I post news of it on my page, so it does help.  In either case, it certainly can't hurt. 

Irina Shapiro



Thank you for the comment.  The message I take away is be persistent.

Ya, I think it's like a blog in that way. It takes a long time to build a following but eventually pays off...

This looks interesting, too, but I'm not sure of it yet:

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Hi Michael!

I'm not an author but I work with authors to tweak their branding and promotions... experience with FB Fan Pages varies depending on how well the author has thought about their marketing strategy and how the Fan Page will fit with that. I'm working with one author to revamp her page right now because she was basically using it as a place to reprint her Twitter stream and that wasn't working at all. She has a couple hundred followers, but it's mostly people she already knows and she wasn't seeing any engagement... it definitely wasn't driving any sales.

My big tip is making sure you actually approach your FB page with a plan. You should have a consistent rate of posting and you should decide from the beginning if you want it to be simply a place people can stay updated on your work or if it will be the heart of your community... you also need to make sure you determine how you will use FB in your overall marketing strategy, in conjunction with your website, blog, and other social media you plan to use. Facebook doesn't weigh fan pages very high in their stream algorithm, so if you aren't posting things that encourage engagement (likes or comments), there's a good chance your FB page won't show up in most of your fans' streams anyway.

Let me know if you have a specific question and I'll do my best to help out!  :)

I agree with Shauntelle that the fb page alone will not do much for sales. I have had a fan page for just over a year, and have obtained about 800 likes (facebook.com/socialitebooks). Most of them do not get to see my posts since fb will only display them for a very small percentage of fans. This seems to be part of fb's strategy to generate revenue - if I want more people to see my posts I have to pay a promotion fee on each one. I will only do that occasionally for an important announcement.

I have a fb fanpage for my book and it has jsut over one thousands followers but  I am not sure how to steer the page to get people to buy by book that why i thought if i havivng someone review my book might help and been in  Australia it would have cost too much to post the book and someone suggested book blogging might help but  I do have my page  called A collection Of hearts  If you could check it out and let me know if you could help in any way that would be appreciated

I think reviews are a good way to reach your audience.  You may consider doing a web search for bloggers who review books in your genre and ask them if they will review your book.  Let your fans on FB know where they can find the reviews once they are published.

i joined a group on here that does reviews actually and am hoping someone will review my book I do understand it may not be all good at first but one can dream right

An encouraging impartial review is always uplifting.  Your work will speak for itself.  Have faith.  You are already a winner because you have already done what others only dream about; you wrote a book!  Congratulations.

thank you Michael , yes i  written my first book but what good is it if i can sell  it .. I am planning on writing two more  as well .and i thought would help people see if it is good and also help promote my book too

I've had a Facebook page for a while but I am only now starting to use it. So I'm just feeling my way - which means threads like this are always useful to me for hints. Here's my links:



Facebook fan pages are a piece of a puzzle, like a twitter account, a web site, a goodreads account, an amazon author account,etc. No one piece of the puzzle is entirely useful on its own, but when you put the puzzle together it forms a solid network that can be the foundation for your buzz. 


Need help?




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