Finding time to write with babies in the house.

Hi everyone,

I thought I would start a discussion on how we all find time to write... blog or read with babies running around requiring our attention.

I dont know about you but my 11 month old daughter is a clingy little bug... The only time I find myself writing is during her nap time. 1 nap a day, that is all she takes. (Which by the way... is right now.)

I find myself writing my novel at night... so literally I am up until nearly midnight, that is until I find myself to tired or realized that I have fallen asleep on my laptop.

At most times, my cheeks having pressed far to many keys during my deep slumber that when I awake, I have far to many pages of YZX's, cascading down, far to many pages to count. LOL.

Please feel free to share your thoughts and opinions. :)


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Well aren't you cheeky, mention the novel at the bottom.^^ My little girl is now almost 3 years old, and most times she likes playing/destructing things on her own, but sometimes she does get a little cling. She was VERY bad at 11 months I still remember. I did the same thing you did, I saved worked for night time. I found I never got much done, but it was a nice outlet still. I also learned to take a nap when she took her nap so I could stay up later without getting as tired.


In the end, when she gets a bit bigger, it'll be easier to find time for yourself to do your writing and reading. I thought she'd never get to that point, where she'd let me get on with my business, but time passes by faster than you think.


Speaking of which, I hear paper being torn. Time to check on you-know-who.:)

First let me tell  you what a beautiful daughter you have. She is a cutey pie and her smile makes the picture shine.


There is no magic bullet, the first several months having a baby, for us at least, were filled with joy, stress and sleep deprivation.  My foster brother called me to offer his congratulations on the birth of my daughter (now 6) said "you'll never sleep good again".

He was right!


It does get better, soon she'll find toys she likes and be out of your hair for 15-20 minutes,

Maybe you could record yourself while taking her for a walk, or get a laptop and right in the part while she's busy people watching (my nosy daughter loved that).


You could also park her in front of the TV, but I wouldn't recommend that.  The advice that we got, that seemed to work if we could have applied it, was the change your schedule to accommodate hers.

Thank you. My daughter is my life. :)

Thank you for your advise. She does get to watch tv for an hour a day... but that is when I do my house hold chores. LOL.

At least it sounds like it will get better over time :)

At 3, they can go to pre-school. :)


Actually, I have found that with both of my kids, things get easier around 2. They started to be able to play by themselves a bit more. And actually, the second child has been easier than the first was, because now they keep one another entertained. (I do have to break up fights.)

For us two got easier but between 3.5 to 4 is hellish

My babies have turned into teenagers. They require almost as much care...LOL.

When I was working full time I did all my writing on the evenings & weekends. It wasn't awful, but it didn't leave much time for anything FUN.

Now I'm home so I write between 8-3. Around all the other chores I manage about three hours a day. To me that feels about right.

Babies grow up but life still gets in the way. Do the best you can. You'll find a balance that works before you know it.

Thank You for your reply.

I would love to be able to have the time I used to... to write. But it seems that I just have to find a schedule and work around it. My baby is worth my lack of time... as you said, they do grow up :)


My three year old creates the same distraction, I have spent many of my own nights up past two in the morning writing until my eyes are blurry just to get down what's in my head. Afternoon rest are a treat but with a three-going-on-four year old I'll soon be running out of nap times! I am thankful for an understanding husband who sometimes will take her and play for an hour when 'Mommy needs to "work" .' But it is a challenge to say the least!


Sonia Kranz

I am a mother of 4... My kids are getting bigger now (8,7,5,3 yrs).


I think the biggest thing for me was to prioritize my time. The morning during my kids breakfast is my time to clean up the house (That way I dont feel guilty spending time on what I want to do later!) When they were smaller, they would follow me around and "help" clean up (great training for later!) I would give them a clean rag and they would follow behind and help :)


There are a lot of the day to day things that can be made fun and include your little ones. That way TV time and nap time can better be your "YOU time". Late nights are always key, try to make them as productive as possible- but only do a late night a couple times a week so you don't wear yourself out!


Good Luck!




I am so glad you started this! I am certainly in the same boat as you! I have a 5 (almost 6) year old daughter and a 2 year old son. They keep me very busy throughout the day with all their needs, wants and desires. My daughter is in kindergarten so I get a 4 hour break with her however, my son is still with me during the day. Evidently, he thinks naps are for babies and he is not one of them! I love my children with all my heart and try to be the best mom I possibly can be. So, I choose to write after they go to bed. Most nights they go to sleep around 10pm. I start at 8pm for bedtime but between all the cuddles and story time it never works out to my advantage! After they are sleeping I find myself in a cludder of mess that is calling my name, "clean me please!" So once I get the house straightened up is when I can have "my" time. Once I finally sit down to write or surf the web, I find myself getting so involved with what I am doing, when I look at the time it's usually after 2am. I think to myself, "I have to go to bed" however by the time I actually do get to sleep it's well after 3 or 4 in the morning.

I wake up to my children, usually Joey hitting me in the head, telling me they want cartoons on and breakfast.

A mothers day never ends and the day starts too early!


Thank you again for the discussion. I'm glad to know I am not the only crazy one staying up late to do what I love, WRITE!

I am currently writing my first book titled, "Safe Under the Willow". I am extremely excited about my work and if you care to check it out I will include the link.  :)


-Shannon Bibby

Shannon, my kids are almost the same age (6.5 and 4) and your post could have been written by my wife.


We found, through trial and error, that there is a "bedtime window".  For example, my son HAS to be in bed between 19:00 and 19:30 or he's not going to sleep before 22:00 like your children.  He simply gets a second wind.


The same was with my daughter, even though now that she's older she gets to stay up a bit later, however she still has to be in bed, after a story by 20:30, any later and she'd be up for the duration.

I'm holding my ten month old daughter as I type this. It's hard to find time... for me, my six-year old is actually more demanding of my attention. I also work full time. Plus, once you have a book or two out, so much time is required on promotion. I don't ever feel like I can stop with that. It's very hard to balance it all.


If it wasn't for my writing group, I wouldn't have written anything in the last year. Even then, it's always done during nap time. It's great that I have a supportive husband, that helps a lot. But I have to say, at this point I'm more worried about about the books that I have out selling than trying to put out more. Does anyone have any tips for trying to get stuff to sell on Amazon for kindle?


Need help?





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