I have been turned down for ad sense can I cannot figure out why.  I've read all the do's and don't and as far as I can tell I am not violating any of the policies. Any help would be so appreciated.


Thanks again!


and check out my blog at http://thebookknoll.blogspot.com/

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send them a note and ask. a lot of that is automated and could be a result of something as innocuous as a combination of letters in your URL matching an acronym for something disgusting that you aren't even aware of...

I cannot find any place to send them a note.  and the email specifically states "Please note that we may not be able to respond to inquiries regarding the
specific reasons for our decision." 


So honestly I am at a total loss, and I'm not real sure where to go from here. All advice is welcomed!

Have you tried Amazon Associates? It's an affiliate program where you sell Amazon products on your page in the form of ads and links. You could use them instead of Google. There's also ClickBank.

Are there any fees for the ones you mentioned?


I can't do anything right monatary right now, I'm unemployed. 


Do you have an personal exeperience with them?

I currently use Amazon Associates and I like them. I joined ClickBank, but changed my mind (decided to use Google Affiliate instead) before I got the chance to use their services, but I haven't heard anything bad about them. There are no fees for either. They pay you - a small percentage - when people click on the ads and buy something. Don't pay for things unless you have to ;)

Thanks Christine!!

Ya Amazon's great! except for being evil...

(LOL - a reference both to Google's company motto and Amazon's reputation among publishers and anti-DRM activitsts)

Well I'm all signed up with Amazon Associates.


But I'm a complete newbie so I'm kinda lost

You just go to the Amazon pages of the items you want for ads, click "link to this page" (in the top-left corner),  select the type of ad you want (image+text, text only, image only), highlight and copy (ctrl+c) the html code, and paste (ctrl+v) it into an html widget in your blog's dashboard. Text only is for creating a hyperlink for the product in your blog post. There are other things you can do; just check out the links at the top of any Amazon page. Good luck!

Picking up on how to use associates. Now getting errors from blogger. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong or putting in the wrong place. I even posted on google forum and nobody can tell me anything.

Lori, you might want to start a new discussion thread asking for help with adding ads for Amazon Associates to Blogger blogs. (I use WordPress, so I can't help you.)


Need help?




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