Hey all I need advice I wanted to customize my blogger because it looks too plain. I see alot of people who have great looking blogs but I have no money to ask for someone to make me one. Does anyone know where I can get free templates for blogger that aren't dull or boring?



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You can do a google search for free blog templates. If you look at my blog Writing Daze on the left hand side at the very bottom there is an identifying tag of where I downloaded the background for my blog. Also if you go to http://thebookconnectionccm.blogspot.com you can find also where she downloaded her free blog template. Its not that hard to install, just need to insert it into bloggers html coding. Good Luck!
Depending what blog site you are on, they may have different templates for you to use. Blogger.com has a variety of choices and you can customize fonts and colors.

  My blog is visually boring as heck, but I the content is good. Someone else mentioned google free blog templates; I did not know you could do that. 


  If you're going to jazz up your blog, I don't think you should go to far, IMO. Too many blogs are loaded down with buttons, gadgets, widgets, graphs, far too many cat pictures, and I worry I might get fits looking at them.


     -Mac Campbell


Mac, you can never have too many cat pictures :)

Check out Simply Fabulous Blogger Templates HERE  Lena's designs are fabulous.  She is revamping this blog so you will need to search the labels (middle right side bar) to find one you like. Lena designed my blog HERE and it was worth every cent.  I got in while she was having a half off sale.


Use Your Imagination Design HERE has some wonderfully book related templates for free that are easy to install.  I LOVE Lori's work.  She designed my YA blog HERE and I had NO idea what I wanted.  She is reasonably priced and just awesome all the way around.  If you see a dreamy blog design, she probably did it. 


Also, Shabby Chic blogs HERE  have some wonderful designs as well, but you have to install the header and background individually. 


The Cutest Blog on the Blog HERE has a great selection of nice backgrounds and coordinating headers. 


All of the above have tutorials to help you.


These are all sites I have used in the past and trust their graphics. 



You can also do a search for pre-made blogger templates.  They can run anywhere from about $5-50 depending on the designer, most that I came across is around the $25 mark.  That way you don't have to drop a lot of cash and still have a designed blog.

I use http://leelou-freelayouts.blogspot.com/search/label/Fall. They are the easiest to use on Blogger. The only drawback is that if you have trouble loading it or want to change something they aren't helpful with customer service.


If you are using Blogger though it is really easy to set up. Pick your favorite template, click on the picture. When it opens up there should be a button that says "download", click on that and then go to Blogger, click on "design" (top left corner of blog), click on "edit html", click on "choose File and it will upload from your downloads list (choose the name of the template you downloaded) and then click "upload". It's much easier than it used to be.

Upload a template from a file on your hard drive:  


I hope that helps.


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