Yes I loved seeing people download my books for free. Mainly, knowing that someone somewhere was reading my work. Work that I had slaved over for nearly a year. Publishing agents ignore you (I suspect they don't even look at 99% percent of submissions)So it's refreshing to know that it's out there and available at last!

But now that  the free giveaways are over I ask.  We're selling our books for so little compared to the hard copies in book shops, so why are people so hesitant to spend, what $1.00? or $1.99?

Kindle owners need to look at the bigger picture and spend that $1.00 wisely on a damn good read. A bargain in anyones budget.

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This has been an interesting and instructive thread. I'm one of the self-publishers who have helped to flood the market with $0.99 e-books. I made my pricing choice out of what I saw as necessity from the viewpoint of an unknown writer. Now I am beginning to see that I didn't really understand the dynamic of people who buy books. I'm doubling the price of my novel, although I plan to keep the shorter works at $0.99. Also, based on what I'm reading here, I plan on taking a hard look at my covers and at my blurbs. Those darned blurbs are more of a struggle than the book itself, or at least it seems that way some times. Looks like people do indeed judge a book by its cover, so I need to reassess the ones I have to make sure they are as good as I can get them. I figure that changing a cover is not as big a deal as changing the ending to the story. Anyway, this has been very helpful.

Thanks for all the comments and ideas. It's food for thought. Does anyone know any bloggers that might revue my work then?



I might be interested, depending on the genre.


I completely agree with your observations.  It is a conundrum.  People don't hesitate to spend way more than $ for shipping and handling of many products.  People don't hesitate to drive long distances to go to the mall.  Yet, most people insist on instant gratification.  I don't have the answer, but, like you, and do have the hard invested sweat equity.  Best of luck my friend.  Cheers, Michael Goldcraft.

Give away can be good and bring in more sales. I just did a contest where bloggers have to join my blog and post a comment. To win my authograph copy of my book.

In April I will do another contest where I will give away an amazon card only if they buy my book and answered three question from my book. (this way I know if they bought it and read it).

Scandalous Secrets blogspot.

Secret Affair @ Amazon, Barnes & Nobel, Book A Million


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