I don't know why I don't get that many comments on my posts.  Of course, I've heard the advice, "If you want to get more comments, visit other blogs and comment on their posts."  But I've already done that, and I don't get comments back!   I recently joined a blog hop, and, two weeks ago, I hopped around to fifteen other blogs, commenting on their posts.  Of the fifteen, only six commented back!!  And of the six, one commented back because I asked that blogger to do so.... And the funny thing is that I have 941 GFC followers! 

I try to make my posts interesting, and also try to publish new ones at least three times a week.  I'm doing the best I can, considering that I have two jobs....  Anyone have any suggestions?

You can find my blog here:  A Night's Dream of Books


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just keep at it and damn the comments. love your art enough not care about others view about it. if i were you i wouldn't worry none about comments as long as people view it. Salem

Hey, thanks!!   You're right, I shouldn't care whether or not people comment.  The important thing is that I'm doing what I love!!   And I DO love blogging -- as long as it's about books, of course!!!  

Thanks again for your GREAT advice!!   : )

I see you're getting more comments on some of your blogs... perhaps the subjects there hold more interest to others.

What's really key is that you're getting good numbers of page views, from the counter I saw.

Yeah, I guess you're right!  I AM getting good numbers on the page views.  I think I just care too much what people think....not good. 

Thanks for your help!  I'll try not to worry about the comments!    : )

On some forums, no comments is better than bad comments. I have blogged myself and gotten crickets. But what is important is that they may be reading, so getting comments is not important.

Well, it would be nice to get some feedback, especially if I've left a comment on THEIR blog.  But I think you and the other two respondents are right -- I really shouldn't be worrying about getting comments, as long as people are reading, and as long as I enjoy what I'm doing , which I DEFINITELY do!!

Thank you SO much for your advice!!  : )

I dont get a lot of comments either, but I am ok with it as long as people are reading.  I mean how many book review comments do you want to get that are generic renditions of oo that book sounds good or never heard of it?  I think that is the hard part of book reviews that they are meant as more of information rather than conversation starters.  I was really dissappointed at first that on my reviews no one would ever post anything.. but then I read some of the reviews that other people were writing and what the people were commenting and there wasnt a whole lot of variation of that havent read it but it sounds good.    The only time I get comments on reviews is if someone has read it or has had the idea to read if before reading the review.   But when I started paying attention to my stats, I realized people were coming and reading the page just not commenting.  Which makes me happy that people are reading it.

I know it is discouraging when you are commenting on others blogs, but one of the things you can do is to have a real purpose to the comment that you are making.

You also may want to check on some of the blogs you comment on and subscribe to their comment section after you reply.  A lot of bloggers tend to just reply to the comment in their blog in order to either continue to engage the conversation on a single thread and/ or to encourage others to reply.

I apologize for not replying sooner....how ironic is that, right?  Lol. 

You make some interesting points here.  You say that most comments posted on reviews are usually things like "That book sounds good.", or "Haven't read that one yet.", (or the very generic, "Great review!"), and this is very true.  When I comment on book reviews, though, I always try to say something about the blogger's reviewing style.  I think there are some pretty bad reviews out there, and those I just don't comment on.  But there are also a LOT of really GREAT reviews!  So I'll say something about the blogger's prose style, or that I really enjoyed their insights into a character's behavior.  Things like that.  Alternatively, I'll say something about the book itself, even if I haven't read it.  I tend to leave pretty detailed comments, too. 

I guess people are just pressed for time, although, in my case, I work TWO jobs, so my own time is pretty limited!

I've noticed the lack of comments on other types of posts too -- like blog tours.  Here I go and prepare what I think is an interesting interview, and....no comments!  Zilch.  Zip.  Nada.  After all that HARD work I put into the post.....

So yeah, book blogging is a labor of love.  But I'd still like to see some feedback....

Thanks for your thoughts!!    : )

I have not published a book yet, so most of my blogging is about book reviews, and the publication of my first novel.  I also write about my art work, crafts, and other things on my mind.  I do not always get tons of comments, and some of my posts with the most page views have virtually no comments at al.

Yeah, I've noticed that myself -- a great disparity between the number of page views, and the number of comments.  Sometimes the disparity is HUGE, too.  Like, one of my posts (can't recall which one at the moment) had about 450 views, and absolutely NO comments!!  I think that's just pretty weird.....

Sorry for my delayed reply; I know, it's ironic!  Lol.  Thanks for your thoughts!!  : )

I heard at a writers conference that you need to end your post with questions to urge the reader to comment.

Ex: Have you read this book? Did you enjoy it? or What have you been reading lately?

First of all, sorry for the delayed reply.  Guess I should practice what I preach, right?  (blush, blush)

I do this on the memes/blog hops I participate in, like "Waiting On Wednesday", and "Book Blogger Hop".  I also do it on my own meme "Shelf Candy Saturday".  These are all weekly memes, too.  Still no comments.....

Thanks for your thoughts!!   : )


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