How many posts per month, per week, per day..I don't know what is the best

How many posts are best for a blog...I've heard regular posting is important and so we do post almost everyday...I have a few guest bloggers now and I am booked with posts everyday until the middle of October.  Is posting more then once a day good...bad...or what.  I can only read so fast and so can the helpers I have.


What do you all do with your posts and how often and I mostly have book reviews and only a Monday mailbox...I think we are the place to go for reviews but nothing else.  What do you think and do?  Thanks

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Hard to say what is too much. For sure it's better than too little. I'd say if you can schedule a post to go up down the road. When I started blogging I barely did a post here and there now I'm a frequent blogger. What can I say I got comfortable with it and babble a lot lol I write some posts and schedule it that way I have a post a day set up. Sometimes if something comes up say a book trailer, movie trailer, news etc that I had just come across I'll go ahead and post it anyway and have a couple posts. Perhaps not ideal but I'd rather have more content then too little. I love many blogs and my only complaint when I have one is usually I love your blog why don't you blog more often, please post more.

Unless you have a backlog of reviews that need to be posted, more than one post a day is too much, IMHO. And I am the quality over quantity type so few posts do not bother me.

I once asked this question and received the reply, "Post more than you don't post... Either every other day, or 4 or so days a week."  The most important thing is for readers/followers to see your site as being active.  Inactive sites lose followers very quickly.   Joseph

I struggle with that myself. I post on my blog only once a week. I prefer quality posts versus quantity. It
takes me a whole week of stewing over the subject, then I write. I put a lot of
effort into my blogs (I'm always worried there are not good enough), time is my biggest enemy.

I began blogging sometime in March of this year, when my debut novel came out. I was told I need to be more active, so that's why I try to find more blogger to see how they're doing.

I do book reviews and readalongs, but don't participate in memes (although I do post the occasional rant on a book-related topic, such as when the whole Cox-Gurdon article came out).  When I started out my blog, I posted every day.  Now that the semester started again, I've been busier balancing work and grad school, but I make sure to post at least once a week, if not more.  My blog hasn't suffered from it in terms of traffic, and I'd rather have quality posts that are consistent (albeit not every day) than to post a lot of filler.  I try not to post more than once a day without good reason, because people do subscribe by e-mail, and I don't want to clog up inboxes by posting too frequently.



Books Without Any Pictures

Hi Lisa


I post 4 times per week, Monday through Thursday. These are the days that gather the most views anyway. On my other blog, I only post once a week tops, but it continues to get good traffic because I have a pretty big post archive and good SEO.


I run a blog tour program and actually evaluate each blog that applies but has less than 100 site hits per day. Frequency of posts is one of the topics we cover in the evaluation, and I generally recommend at least 2-3 times per week.


If you're interested in the blog tour program, that info's here (wink):


Emlyn ;-)

I probably wouldn't post more often than once a day. I, too, have heard that posting as freuqantly as possible is good - at least for search engine rankings and stuff. That said, I also think that quality is important as well. Don't churn out a post a day simply because you think you "have to".
To be honest I think its more a case of posting when you have something to say or some news etc., whilst making sure that you feel that you can maintain a regular update.  There's nothing worse than having someone who posts frequently for a while and then lets it slide and not posts for ages, the best thing to do is work out a schedule that you can maintain, if thats every other day or twice a week, thats fine.  Just remember to keep up with it.
I have to say that I feel overwhelmed when blogs that I follow post more than once I day. I just don't have the time to read that many posts. I try to post at least 4 times a week, usually two reviews and then two posts about book related subjects that have caught my interest.

I've struggled with this for some time too.


I generally do no more than 2 posts a day. And when I do 2 posts, 1 of them is usually, short, sweet and to the point. But 1 post a day is best I think for the viewers.

Now as for the week, I used to be just 3 posts a week, and as I got used to my blog and I guess maybe found my voice I've been doing a post almost everyday, even if it's just something small and book related. So my goal is always at least 3 posts a week and if I can't do more than that, oh well. I think my readers understand a bit that life,family and school can get in the way.


You just want to make sure that you appear as an active and lively blog no matter what you decide to go with. But the "I can only read so fast and so can the helpers I have" on weeks like that, I review a book I read not too long ago, or talk about another book related topic.


Good luck!


The Ink Puddle

I believe the key is frequent short posts, and more than once a day is fine. I post whenever the spirit moves me--sometimes that's every day, and sometimes not.


Don't let it become a burden though, because that will affect both the tone and frequency of your blogging!


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