Okay friends I wanted to ask some advice. I ran a Kindle giveaway fro my book, Forgotten Enemy, this weekend in fact, it is still running today. I have heard stories from others of massive response on these giveaways and mine was what I would qualify as okay. Is there a special trick to advertising these events that I may have missed?  Are the stories of massive download numbers a myth? Thanks in advance for your help.

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Where have you advertised your free kindle book?

I used goodreads, facebook, my webpage(which does not have many followers) twitter and book blogs.

There are several pages on Facebook that bloggers have set up to let you advertise your free book or Kindle.  

I have Win a Book and I know of three others that just say Book Giveaway.  





Thanks for the tips.


Also join www.authormarketingclub.com where you can list your free book on several websites. Diana


We've run a few fairly successful promotions and documented the process. This link is a tad out of date, but most of it still holds true...


Good Luck,



I have what is probably a dumb question, but an honest one: Why would you want to give your book away? I know a lot of people do, but does anyone but Amazon actually benefit?

I read Ian's very interesting post link - has your free day led to new sales and reviews since the article was written?

I can understand giving away back-list titles which contain, say, the first chapter of your new book as a taster. That has a good chance of resulting in new sales. But what is the advantage of giving away your work if it's new? I do already post chapters on Wattpad - and would happily give away up to about 75% of each book... but all of it seems a bit counterproductive!

Am I missing something? Right now I have a very modest fan-base, so if this would help I would like to try it... but need a bit of convincing.

(I'm not just trying to be contentious!!)


Hi Alan,

We've seen small to modest sales upticks with each free promotion - as well as some new reviews. We documented some of it here:


We're in an interesting situation that it's an ongoing anthology - with each book being a collection of short stories from various authors. So, by giving away the first book, we hope that will translate into long term followers.

The one thing we have seen though - and have heard from others, is that a free promotion can, at least, jump start some sales again. We just finished a free promotion on Tuesday and have seen a moderate uptick and sales this week. Our sales were nearly stagnant prior.


Thanks you these links are sure to help next time.

Thanks Ian, it's the 'ongoing anthology' that makes the big difference. I see the point now! Might try a freebie with some of my backlist.


Hi Alan,

To be honest, I don't know if it's just the ongoing anthology thing...J.A. Konrath just posted his free give-away results and they were nothing short of outstanding.


We have a non-anthology book coming out in early summer, and we're likely going to try a free promotion for it once it's generated some reviews to experiment and see what a difference it makes.



Need help?




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