Hi Blogging world,

I have a book giveaway going on, but no one has entered. My question is how do I entice people to enter my giveaway and are there certain places where I can post my giveaway that would get more traffic?

Thanks for your help.



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(One note, you might want to include in the post a link to either a review you did or amazon or something so people looking at it can see what the book is about to decide if they want to enter to win.  Just a thought.)

Of course!  Try listing it on weekly giveaway posts on sites like;

www.frugalityisfree.com - they do a Saturday link up and a Thursday book link up

www.moneysavingmom.com - they do it every other week on Mon or Tues

www.twoofakindworkingonafullhouse.com - Mon or Tues

www.tightwadinutah.com - just submit and it will be added to their list when it's 7 days from ending 

You can also google search giveaway linkys to find more.  They aren't all book focused exactly, but people still browse them who are looking for new giveaways to enter.  

There is also a facebook page called Book Giveaways that you can join and list your giveaways on. 

Post it in any genre groups here or on goodreads.

Good luck!

Clean Romance Reviews

Twitter! Use hastags like #contest #giveaway Those can help a lot.

Thank you so much for your advice. I will do just that.


you cam make a rafflecopter  http://www.rafflecopter.com/ . It's very easy to set up. And put the link on all places you can. For example: groups on Book Blogs, Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter. I hope this will work.


I haven't had any giveaways yet but plan on it once my whole trilogy and novellas to the trilogy are published.  I'm doing very little promotion right now, but some to get the word out (don't want to get overwhelmed while focusing on editing and perfecting the rest of the trilogy).

ON TO YOUR QUESTION! lol  I would talk to bloggers who target the GENRE of your book and see if they would participate in the giveaway. Have you thought about doing a blog tour?  A blog tour is a great way to promote your book as well as have a giveaway.  Invite people from facebook, your own blog, and on here to participate in the giveaway.  Hope I helped, sorry if I didn't. ;)

There are book giveaway groups on Goodereads and Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/groups/BookGiveaways/)

I also do a giveaway with my post on the book so folks will know what to expect.


I am sorry you have had trouble trying to enter. Yes I will enter you in my giveaway. Thank you for letting me know.

Have you joined the books for free, or giveaways groups that are here on this site?


Here are a few places I list my giveaways:




There are also a bunch of blogging network groups on Goodreads that you can join. And many of the bigger "mommy blogger" blogs have places where you can also link your giveaways. So sorry you are not getting any entries yet, and hope those sites will help you!


Literally Jen


I'm having issues with your captcha as well, and I know I was getting the letters typed in correctly.

Tweet it often and use hashtags other people mentioned plus #bookgiveaway.

Hi Elle,

I also had trouble trying your link above.  I got this message.  'Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist.'  I'd love a chance to win the book.



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