I just received a rejection note from another publisher.  Now, I just wrote about this, and the suggestions and support are great. I thought I'd give it another try just to see how I'd do.


In my other rejections, I took it in the spirit it was offered, but this last one, left me a bit irritated.


I was told my genre wasn't a genre, my target audience wasn't a target and my word count would be a nonstarter for most publishers.  To say I felt insulted is an understatement.  My wordcount is about 30 thousand words, which is around 100 pages, give or take a few.  I refuse to write a book with a bunch of fluff to satisfy a wordcount.  If I pick up a book with 400 pages, it has to keep my interest all through those pages. I have tried to read books with 400+ pages in the past and found myself bored to the point I skipped half the pages just to get to what I hoped was "the good stuff."


I'm with all of you who have gone and continue to go with self-publishing. I've done it in the past with my other 4 books and will probably continue to do so. I don't care for the elitist attitude of some publishers. If a publisher tells me "you need to have at least 100 thousand words or over 300 pages," I don't know what I'd do. My four books have been close to 200 pages and have gotten great reviews.


I guess that just goes to show you that sometimes, less is more!


I couldn't be more behind self-publishing!



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That's exactly why I published my detective novellas with self-publishing, they were 30 thousand words like your book. I think it's so much better to put your work out there and let readers decide, for example, if your genre is a genre. After all, aren't they the important ones in all this who should be deciding these things?

That's the thing, I just want my work out there like so many other authors.  Nothing against the Twilight series, but I read the last one and it was downright painful. I skipped so many pages! I'm sure she's a great author, but it seemed like every action was so drawn out, it bored me to tears (not literally).


Kimberley, are your books hardcover or ebooks? I'd love to read one.  I learn so much from other writers. If you wouldn't mind, please let me know the titles, target etc. Perhaps my daughter would like them (she's a freshman in high school). I got started in my dream of writing because of her.


Thanks for your input as well. I can only imagine how many great authors are over looked by the narrow minded view of publishers!



Totally with you on that Joy! And for the record I really don't think Twilight were any good - I reckon they only made it to the publishers because they knew the overall love story would grab people regardless of the writing quality.

My books are paperbacks and ebooks, I have two of my detective series out and one full length time-travel novel called The Secret Star. You can see it all at my Goodreads and my Amazon profile (if you want to add me as a friend please go ahead!) They are suitable for any and all who like the sound of them!



Thanks Kimberely. I will pick up a version very soon.  Below are the links to my books as well in case you're interested.  They are two different genres. Mine are paperback and ebooks as well. 



Shots Fired is written under another name due to the subject matter. The three books in the series are more PG.





30k words is novella length, and most publishers avoid novellas like the plague. Thanks to self-publishing, especially electronic publishing, there's been a resurgence in shorter-length works like short stories, novelettes and novellas.

I agree with your stance not to add fluff in order to meet a word count. "Let the work dictate its length" is one of the best pieces of writing advice I've received.

Best to you.


The traditional publishing model is a dinosaur. In order to be read you have to gain that entrepreneurial spirit! Self-Publishing offers authors the capability of running the show and keeping the profit. 

If you want honest opinions on your work while gaining a readership. I suggest posting portions of your novellas to a blog and sharing with people.

Best of luck!


To be honest, 30K is a little too short for commercial publishers. It is considered a novella, and I think unless it is a compilation of novellas it is going to be a very hard sale. I do understand your frustrations. I published two short stories on Kindle and got some complaints that they are too short. :) Well, they are short-stories right? 

Anyhow, I would try to self-publish. However, maybe it is also time to bite a bullet and just add another 45K words to your story (add another story line or another sub-plot that makes sense for your story) and try again to get an agent? It is rough but I am writing a novel right now and I am aiming for at least 75K. I would love to try a traditional publishing. But it is me. Good Luck with whatever you decide. 

Getting rejection letters can be pretty frustrating at times but it would be nice to have the marketing power that some publishers can provide. Sometimes it can be hard to figure out what the best solution for handling your book might be. As long as one I could keep creative control over my project it would be nice to work with a publisher. Otherwise, I would prefer to do all of the work myself.

Keep in mind, however, that the marketing power publishers "can" provide is not necessarily marketing power that they "will" provide, especially to an unknown author. Imagine how frustrated you would be if you *finally* did get that contract, signed your life away, and still didn't have any marketing done for you by the publisher. Because that's what usually happens. 

I agree that the traditional publishing model is a dinosaur, and I predict that traditional publishers are going to have to evolve in the very near future, because an increasing number of promising authors are now foregoing the process entirely. It's just too easy to get your own work out and be your own advocate these days.

I agree with you. It kind of reminds of the music industry. Many artists started realizing they did not need the big companies to spread their music and now there are many self made artists.


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