I started mine as a way to get in touch with the YA book community. No one close to me reads my genre of novels and I wanted to discuss certain novels that I really hated or loved. Ever since I have started my blog, I have loved the interaction with fellow YA bloggers.

Plus...I just love books!

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I started a book blog because so many of my friends and family were always asking me to make a list of the good books they should read. So I decided to start a book blog so they could come at any time and pick from my list of reads and see what I had to say about it...I didn't even know a book blogging community existed!!! It's great to see so many out there!

The Sweet Bookshelf
I wrote record and music reviews in college and started doing so again when I started my first blog. At one point I hit a lull - plus CDs are expensive! - and wrote about a book I'd received and found more people read that review than my music ones.
Yes, readers read both books and blogs and I concur that it is a great community to be part of... BTW, come see my new review of the book Bloggers on the Bus at http://josephsreviews.wordpress.com/ !
Well, I love to read and write, - even though I am slow at it. I also just started writing professionally a few years ago. Before I published my first book, I wanted to educate myself more about what readers look for in a well written piece of literature, as to not come off as an arrogant self proclaimed author.

i also want to learn about new titles and genres, not just the stuff on the best sellers list.
It's an outlet and a place to keep the things that occur to me as I read the trades, other blogs or the newspaper -- things that I'm thinking about that 'get in the way' when I'm trying to force myself to think about the story I'm writing and the pages I'm trying to get written for the day.

Which is why I named it "Pages to Type Before I Sleep".

Mostly I just want to write things down, stick the imaginary pin in it so it would stay-put while I move on to the other things demanding my attention. No one was more surprised than I when people started reading it and responding. I think maybe it goes back to the old adage about writing for yourself and letting the work find the audience, but that may be a bit grandiose. The gradual migration to a more focused set of thoughts about books, writing and the way technology intersects with all of the above occurred because those are subjects that are very much pressing on my mind as the industry changes from ink on paper to electrons in a database. Fascinating and frightening as we watch the old comfort zones crumble and something that is at once new and old emerge from the rubble...

But I digress, as I've a tendency to do.
I love to read and always have had a book in my hand. MY friends are always asking what I'm reading so it been good outlet to let my friends know about good books and books that I like. Its a still family and my likes etc.


I really like reading and I noticed I often read other books than generally known. That was when my idea came to send those books in the world as well to let them get a bit more exposure than they normally would. The rest is history as they say...
I'm just starting a book blog and I need advice. If you have any suggestions for me you can leave a comment on my blog. Thank you so much.

I started my blog in hopes of mastering the english the best I can. The sooner I do that, the higher chance of me getting started in another language! Please comment or give constructive criticism.



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