I have recently set up a blog, with a lot of help from a friend but the more blogs I read the more I see that I need to give mine a makeover. The problem is I am useless with technology, I try, believe me I try. Is it going to be a matter of reading blogging for dummies or is there something else that can help me keep it simple but look affective.


If anyone of you can point me in the right direction, I will be forever in your debt. If you call in the favour, my back won't take carrying a body.

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I don't know which site you are using, but a lot of blogs have templates. You can play around with the layout. 

Thanks, I have had a little play around. I think I need someone to show me all the little bits I need to make it look professional.

Before we can help you we need to know what software (or site) you are using for your blog.

I use Blogger.com if that helps at all? I have set up the layout and templates but I would like it enhance the overall picture and going into it when it says click here to change the colour for example, I have no idea which bit I am changing until I've changed it.

Maybe I'm just a lazy so and so who will have to put in the hours and to stop complaining. I just see some great ones out there and wish I had the talent and the time to do something better.

Yes, saying that you use Blogger helps a lot.

A simple Google search with the words "Blogger Templates" will give you lots of website with instructions to change the look of your blog.

Thanks that's a big help, I will have a look soon.

I would suggest you to search for a template in Google. You can find plenty for blogs running on blogger. Select one that suits you. Then start experimenting with it.

All the best





I think I will have to set a day to play with my blog I think.

Thanks for that. i will have a look on google and have a play.


I would love to offer you some sage advice, instead I must commiserate.  Even when I do try something such as designing a page and it says, click here and save.  I follow the simple instructions and...NOTHING!  If someone hands you the keys to the kingdom, let me borrow them :)

Good luck.

And let us all have a brief moment of silence for the death of the pen and paper and it's beautiful simplicity :)

I feel your pain Sherry, glad I'm not the only one. If I find a mircle book or have a sudden brainwave I will let you know.

Hi HJ. Got yr message. If you are serious about blogging wordpress is the way to go. Kindle ebooks have a great selection of cheap and sometimes free books on this subject and one I use is How To Create A Website With Wordpress And Start A Profitable Online Business by Ming Jong Tey and underneath the title is and I quote "FROM SCRATCH EVEN IF YOU ARE A COMPLETE BEGINNER" Just goto Amazon, books,kindle,or type in his name and go from there. Dont let the business side of his talk worry you. This book will talk you thru the entire setup process, including what to look for in host providers, where to find them, and most important, gives a reasonable accurate idea ofhow much it costs [does not have to be UK provider so look around.Internetland has no borders] Blogger is ok- its completely automated but it does have limitations, and if you are happy with it, stay there but the day will come when having blogger.com always appearing after your blogname might begin to cause irritation. That ebook costs $2.99 US and is well worth it and no, I am not advertising it in particular because it does not need it. Your learning curve is steep but do not hurry-understanding of how the system works will come. Amazon has a lot of other useful books too. My book is there and you can get to it from my blogsite http://www.markheadblog.com and that blogsite has been set up to help sell my books, and if you like childrens xmas stories, mine is priced at 99 cents US at the moment and was one of the reasons I got into making a blogsite and trying to master the methods necessary to make one. Good luck!  Cheers. Mark 


Need help?




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