Right now, the easiest way I know is this social networking site I'm using where I basically ask everyone to check out my Facebook fan page. But I can't really think of any sites that are really easy to use where I can market to HORROR readers. I have a list of sites where you list when your book is going to be available for free, but I'd still rather be able to DIRECTLY connect with all of my potential customers. Does anyone know of anywhere that I can do this while writing in the horror market? Thank you. I have a Goodreads profile (which hasn't yielded very good results), I have some more that I've been using that others have suggested, but I'm looking for BASIC. Thank you very much.

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By the way, I created a Google sites page, and I was wondering how effective these are.

*free, easy ways to market lol

Everything is effective. But you should put in the most effort to network in places that have large audiences. You need to spend time on the websites you join to build a network. Networks don't come free and easy like you're asking. They take a lot of work and attention. If you want a quality group of fans for your work, you will need to put in a lot of continuous effort. Networking and marketing are two jobs that writers and authors must do in addition to writing.

you clearly don't understand by what I mean by "free and easy." By easy, I mean easy to use and not complicated.

I'm also not a complete moron, and I realize that it takes more than writing. Thus, why I'm asking for sites to do this with, not advice on how to do this.

Here you go then:

more free ways to promote yourself as an author (social media for SEO)

If you find this useful, please comment and/or follow. ;)


As far as Google is concerned, find the names of horror writers and bloggers then add all people who are in their circles. You can do this by bulk adding (meaning add all) or target adding (meaning add only people relevant to books and avoid plumbers, family members, etc...)

To expand your reach, find popular horror movies, books, screenplays... and do the same.

Create a specific circle (ex. Horror Circle) and add all people from above into this circle. Once they add you they'll receive any recommendation you target to them. To target your recommendations, find a website (let's say your blog) click google + button and in the row that asks you to whom you're going to send this + choose your "Horror Circle." All those in that circle will get this recommendation on their Gmail account.

*** To create a circle go to your G+ page. Find "Circles" in left side column. Click on empty circle to create a new circle. At this point you can name this circle whatever you like and add whoever you like.


I've been using Tweet Adder for about a week and I've gained 395 Twitter followers just leaving it on all the time. I use Bufferapp to schedule tweets and facebook wall posts a couple of days in advance.
Tweet Adder costs money but I've found it well worth the cost: http://bit.ly/S1hOIm

Bufferapp is free but you can pay to get the ability to schedule farther into the future: http://buff.ly/RWC9yo

Bufferapp also offers insights into which tweets get reactions from people. Very useful for figuring out how to get people to click on your links.

You might also want to check out my blog post:

free ways to promote yourself as an author



I would never use the word "easy" when it comes to marketing.  Marketing takes time and energy.  You have to realize that marketing is a slow process so if you are looking to make a lot of sales fast marketing will not work for you. (That is what advertising is for and it costs $$$)

1) Start by identifying who your target audience is and which websites they hang out at.  Book Blogs is a wonderful website and a great place to meet other author's but your target audience may not be here.

2) I'm not a big fan of Google site pages I don't think that they are very effective.  You would do better to create a website on one of the blog pages.  The reason that you need a web page or a blog page is so that people can find you and it's a location that is more or less under your control.  Facebook is great but it's a closed system and people who are looking for things using a search engine can't find the content which is on Facebook. 

The two best know site for this sort of thing are wordpress http://wordpress.com/ and Blogger http://www.blogger.com/  Both have their pros & cons, look the over before making up your mind.

3) After you have your blog / site up and running that is the time to start really connecting with other authors who also write the same sort of work.  Post cross links, swap blog posts, help each other out.

4) While all the above is important do not forget to never stop writing.  Nothing sales the the first book like having the second one out.  ;-)

This is just the tip of the iceberg.  I hope it helps. 

I've already identified my target market as Kindle readers and people that like dark, realistic, psychological and humorous fiction of different lengths. I've tried to find different sites to find these people, but I haven't really found anything that I think would help. I've already got six stories published this year, 4 of them are short stories so I want to market more before I keep writing because I need a mental break from writing so that my ideas have time to refresh.

I have a horror-related blog at http://vanessa-morgan.blogspot.com. Feel free to write a guest post for my blog and include info about your book. Also, don't hesitate to leave comments promoting your horror book.

eeriestories75 (at) gmail (dot) com


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