I thought it would be fun to share Book Trailers!!!!!

Hello Fellow Authors, Bloggers, and Readers,

I have been told that a book trailer really helps sales. After lots of research and discovery, I found lots of useful and helpful tools. I finally finished my book trailer for my upcoming release! I thought it would be fun to talk to others about how they created it, designed it, and what programs they used. This way other newbies and such can have a road map on different ways to create more promotion for their books. :)


I found this incredible site called Video Hive, there you can purchase (cheap) formats and small action clips to create your video. Then luckily Adobe After Effects offers a free month trail to download your footage to. I admit this was a bit trying and it took lots of patients, but I found my way and I am so happy that I created it myself. All in all you know your characters the best and you can bring their stories out like no other.


All though.....It would be worth the small fee to explain your characters to a creator. At least that is what I said a million times after pushing and pushing.


Tell me about your trailer.

How you made it?

The story behind it.

If you hired someone to do it, tell us who so we can help them build their business for the authors looking for a creator.


Thanks guys, looking forward in seeing and reading all about your books and trailers.


Happy Writing and Reading,


J.T. Brown

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Here is the trailer for my debut YA paranormal novel, "The Shifted."

It's great for tweens, teens and adults alike!

It's available wherever Ebooks are sold. Amazon, Barnes & Noble, smashwords....

Check out a free sample... Book Two, coming soon!!!

Hello Natalie, Thank you so much for shaing. Your trailer is awesome!!!! Congrats on your new book, it looks fantastic. :)



Just saw this comment. Thank you J.T. If you got a chance to read it, I hope you enjoyed it. I apologize for such a late response. Book 2 is also available now too. It's called Full Moon on the Rise.

My company, Montage Production, love trailers for books.  But while we think they are great, we feel the problem is the distribution of these trailers.  That is, where do you go to find them? Yes, there are trailers on Youtube and Vimeo.  There are even videos on Amazon (tucked away in a part of the screen that most people don't look at).  There are also trailers on production houses' sites.

Additionally we feel that there is a problem in that current websites are built to FIND what you may already know what you are looking for.  This is quite different from discovering something interesting to read like when you stroll through your favorite bookstore.

Book trailers, in part replace that experience of discovery - looking at the front and back cover of a book, flipping through  and reading some paragraphs.  The issue is that on-line browsing does not foster this discovery or the serendipitous experience of finding something unexpected to read.  Many trailers are also "literal" translations of the books or advertisements.  Again, this is different from what we think trailers are supposed to replace - part of the discovery process.

Thus, we are left with trailers that are scattered about (unfindable), ineffective and ultimately a topic of discussion ("what do you think about them?") on blogs such as this.

Your trailer was good, but likely has the aforementioned problems - specifically where would I discover it if not on this blog and if I did not know the name of the book or the author?

We make trailers, but we would have the same problems that any trailer made had with respect to distribution.  Take a look at what we are proposing and let me know your thoughts.  



Need help?




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