I want to be a children's book review... but how?

  So this is me here begging the book gods to help me find my way. 

 I have a blog, littlecrunchy.com and I review products from time to time, do giveaways, but mostly it is content about parenting. One of the things I love to do the most with my children is read. I would like my blogging time to add more to my time with them as well. In this spirit, I would like to be a children's book reviewer. 

 The how of this new dream though I can not seem to piece together. 

 Might you have resources and ideas for me? 

  Gratitude Deep, 


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Just dive right into it! Continue with your blog or start a separate blog for book reviews. Work on your reviewing. It takes a while to get into the swing of things and figure out your style. For now just stick to reviewing books you own or borrow from the library.

You should network with other kid's book bloggers. If you're up for it, cross post your reviews on Amazon/Goodreads/Etc. It will give you more exposure.

If you stick with it and consistently blog, authors will find you soon enough and want you to review their books.

Good luck!

I've got to agree with Alison M. on this one.  Just dive in!  I'm new to the scene of self-publishing books for kids and I can tell you, as an author, spreading word about your works is the toughest part.  I'm running into difficulties in finding people who want to review my genre of books because often times they have so many books in their to-read list, they're not accepting any more works OR they don't accept works from self-published authors.  

Joining sites like this one and spreading the word for what you're willing to do and you'll probably find yourself inundated with review requests.  If you're already reading books with your kids, then you've got yourself an instant, free stream of new reading materials to share with them.  

Just let me know and I'll happily be the first in line to send you my work for review!

Good luck!

1. Start reviewing the children's books you have or visit the library to pick up some new ones

2. Check out other blogs like yours- leave comments with a link to your site as well

3. Be active in Book Blogs, leave comments with your link and engage in discussions

4. Join NetGalley.com Its a great place to get access to published titles

5. Don't be afraid of Self Published authors, they are often more then happy to send paper copies of picture books in exchange for reviews


Have fun with it! I review all books from picture books to adult, even my 9 yr old daughter does reviews! It is a source of joy and a great way to expose yourself to books you may not have found otherwise.


Best of luck!





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