Doesn't KDP Select actually limit you to selling your ebook on Kindle? I published on Kindle but did not chose Select so I could sell on Nook and Smashwords. Isn't Select a binding contract that prevents you from selling anywhere else?

Charles Fetters

Author of "Grizzly."

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Yep. It's not a good idea, in my eyes, because it limits exposure to potential customers.


This is what I thought. Authors should be warned about this.

I tried it and regret doing so. Even when I gave away nearly 3,000 books, I got one review out of it. Very disappointing. I've done much better with Goodreads and Shelfari (which is also Amazon), but more people seem to find me there and I get to "meet" some of them. After the 3-month exclusive contract, I uploaded to Smashwords and now I'm getting listed all over. I would pass on Select.

I could not emagine giving away 3000 books. The royalty alone would be nearly half my anual income.

I believe that KDP select makes you agree to only upload your book to Amazon for three months, after the three months you are allowed to upload it to other least that is how I have understood it when I have heard people talk about it.

I simply wasn't sure about it but it didn't sound like a great idea to me. I have learned the hard way not to click on icons that I know nothing about. LOL

I recently just joined KDP Select.  I hope I have not made a mistake.  How do people know about your books in KDP Select.  I would love to have the exposure of 3000 of my books going out (hoping for some reviews).


You need to post from your Author Page on Amazon to the "Meet the Author" forums. Make sure your in the "Meet the Author" forum, or someone will "yell" at you. There are many and you can choose strictly promotional or genre related. And Amazon allows you to post a link to your book. I still post on the forums every week when I update my blog. I also post on the forums in other countries. It's quite time consuming but it does draw readers to your blog and to buy your book.

You're commented, so you might as well have a couple free events. Be sure to publicize them on the forums and other places that list free books.

But if you are on Smashwords, you can give coupons that will translate to free or $.99, whatever you want. And if you make the "premium catalog" you'll find your book in Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Diesel, Apple, Sony, et al.  Good luck.

I like Select because whenever I do the free promo, a lot of people download it. I've gotten over 1000 downloads so far. But I've chosen not to do select for my other books. Now that I've learned how to put them on Nook and iBooks, I'm going that route. Select is cool and all, but even out of the hundreds of reviews, none of those people have written reviews on Amazon or anywhere else. I can't even tell if any of those 1000 people actually read my books.


You may have hit on something. If a person has several novels in print or a triligy they could chose Select for one of them. These thousands of downloads could give them "name exposure" and possibly increase sales for the other novels. This would work wonderful if, in fact, Select is a temperary contract.

I'm kind of confused nobody thinks outside of the box provided by Amazon. Not everything is the way they say it is.

The real answer to your question is no. KDP in fact does not limit you on anything. I tested KDP with my short stories. I offer my stories on Amazon and enroll them on KDP, however one can read my stories for free at any time on my blog. As a matter of fact, I published my stories on the blog months before I had put them on Amazon. 

So, no.. Amazon doesn't prevent you of anything because there is no system to track so many books, where and when they are published. Bear in mind that Amazon doesn't require ISBN to publish an e-book. So How are they gonna track a book? Based on what?

If Amazon had a tracking system in place they would've disqualified my short stories from KDP. They didn't. It simply means there's no such system and if you could take advantage of it, you should do it.    

Another interesting thing... when I set up the test for exactly this kind of action I put my blog address in the body of the story published on the amazon. I literally wrote "Read free stories on www...."  Make your own conclusions.


KDP itself is not the problem, it's KDP Select that binds you to a contract. Now I would assume that there are no KDP Select Police but it wouldn't take much for any Amazon employee to discover your are selling your work in other places. Chances are nothing would happen but by signing a contract it could leave you vonerable for "breach of contract."


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