I have noticed many authors who have multiple blogs. Please share if you have one or many blogs. And what is advantage of many blogs. I have only one blog. I don't know much about blogs and what to do with it. Here's my blog: http://drdhillon.blogspot.com/



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I have two seperate blogs just because they are in different genre's. On one I review the books I have read. The second blog is more of a personal blog so to speak. I post my original work of poetry, also snippets of writings I've done, essays, stuff like that. I don't think everybody who reads book reviewals wants to also read my poetry, this way I have two seperate sites for two different things and those who are interested in my poetry can go to my poetry blog and read them, those who are interested in reading my book reviews can go to the other blog and just get my book reviewals. I hope this helped.

Here are my links if you are interested in any one of my two blogs.

Book Reviewal Blog:


Original Poetry/Writings Blog:


Having multiple blogs is generally a bad idea for most people. You need to focus the blog, generate new content that people care about and want to read, and keep people coming back. Many people have a hard time doing that for one blog. Doing all that for 2 blogs is a lot of hard work and that can cause the content suffer.

If someone like Anna has 2 (or more) very different ideas they want to blog about, multiple blogs may be the way to go. Otherwise, one is probably enough.

Alison, looks like one is enough for me. I do have 2 sets of books under self-help and spiritual series. So I don't know if I need separate blogs. Thanks.

I do have website: http://newedgepublishing.com

I also have Book blogs. I don't know if these are for selling books. Here's my blog: http://drdhillon.blogspot.com/


"Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending." http://amzn.to/dMBLWW

My books are very different in theme, so I have one blog for my non-fiction book Broke is Beautiful that sticks to the topic of the book, and a Tumblr blog that is more about life in general and focused on the themes of my novel.  I can't assume that a reader of the one topic will be interested in the other.  I also do not assume that anyone will have an interest in me personally. I don't think there is much reason to follow any blog that does not have some level of focus.

http://author-laura-lee.blogspot.com/ (Broke is Beautiful)

http://authorlauralee.tumblr.com/ (Angel)

Hi DrDLN, 

I have several different blogs with one main home page where I discuss updates to all of the different blog sites. When I give out my blog site, I list my main blog that covers everything and then let folks know I have two books and poetry going on the site and they can click the links to get to the book or area they want.  It was not my intention to do my blog this way, however, Blogger could not give me the set up I wanted with just one blog...so I created multiple blogs to get the look and feel I want.

Now I can have different side bar links and gadgets for each of my different pages, although it feels like one site :)

Hope this helps, and if you get a moment, check out my site at http://dreamingmybooks.blogspot.com

Thanks for the input. But I really need to understand how these blogs work before I think of multiple blogs.


"Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending." http://amzn.to/dMBLWW

This is how multiple blogs has worked for me. I began with a need. I needed multiple blogs because I have five different category's. 1. Books and short stories 2. Videos of myself preaching teaching I did in my apartment 3. Church videos 4. Audio or talking short story's. A computer program reads the text and creates an mp3 with different computer voices 5. I read Scriptures with remixed music in the background I did on my computer.

I did it to organize. The great thing on blogspot.com they provide a gadget that will allow one to link to any blog or website at the top op the page. So what I did is make a menu of all my blogs. I can add more as the need arises and I won't make them to big.

The real bonus is I only have to tell people about http://www.chaplainwinston.blogspot.com They will then have access to every blog I have and add, at a click!

The best advice I've read (from the pros) is to have only one blog. And, in my opinion, one is enough. The most important thing to remember is to post regularly on that site and to do your best to offer posts which will be of interest to your readers. Marketing (including blogging) is crucial to a writer's success but, let's face it, there are only so many hours in a day and we have to be sure to save some of them to actually write!

Again, I do think it depends on whether you write fiction or non-fiction and whether you are "selling" the subject or yourself.  If you want to build an audience for a book on ship building then you want to speak about ship building and not your philosophy on life.  If you also happen to have written a book on religious poetry, you would lose some of your ship building fans by making it a ship building, poetry and religion blog and you would lose some of your religious poetry fans by throwing in ship building articles.  The main thing about a blog is to think of it as a publication and to ask why anyone would read it and who the target audience is.  What might they be interested in.  If you are a fiction writer or non-fiction writer who is going to repeatedly put out books in the same genre and want to build up a following who will consistently have an interest in that kind of thing then one blog would make sense.  I also would add that blogging and social media work great for certain kinds of topics and authors.  On the other hand you can but a huge amount of time into a great blog and great social media communication and it is not guaranteed that this will result in actual book sales.  Authors can spend so much time watching their twitter following and thinking they're accomplishing something that they fail to do enough paid work to make a living.  I found when it came to blogging for my dance business that cultivating more traditional forms of communication were a much better use of my time than blogging, although I do keep the blog going because it is worth having.  So speaking as a publicist and writer with multiple businesses, I think that it is important to stay on a topic of interest and how to do that will be different for different authors and situations.

I am nonfiction and can hardly keep up with one blog. So I will wait and see.

Here's my blog: http://drdhillon.blogspot.com/



"We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly": http://amzn.to/dMBLWW

I have two blogs. One writing related and author interviews and another for book reviews. I maintain my sanity by posting on each once a week.


I have a few Blogs:

This is about Transmedia Writing and how to do it - etc


This ia bout my novel:


website for my novel: http://am-so-as.webs.com/

My Blog with funny (also, stupid) stories

Uncle Stupid's Mildly-Amusing Deathbed Anecdotes





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