Just wondering how many of you will be doing Nanowrimo this year. I have an idea for a crime fiction novel, which I think will be my Nanowrimo title: "Antheratus".

I'm new to Nanowrimo, this is the first year I've ever heard of it and I think that it is a great concept. Making the commitment to yourself to write a full 50,000 word novel in 30 days really lights a fire under you which is exactly what I need.


Anyhow I'm looking for a few writing buddies who plan on doing the event this year so that we can motivate each other towards the finish line. What about the rest of you? Do you have book in mind? Are you in need of motivational writing buddies?


I would love to hear from veteran Nanowrimos as well as newbies like me. Let's make this our best novel writing year!

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Write everyday!!! Even if it's one sentence, just write each day. I write everyday in November, sometimes having to force myself to make the words come, but I have almost reached my 50K plus words each year. 


This year my book is going to be a mystery about an NYC journalist who's 17 year old daughter commits suicide and tries to determine why her daughter would do such a thing. The title is MY DAUGHTER'S SECRET.


This idea sounds great!

Oh my goodness, I totally forgot that this was coming up!  I couldn't do it last year due to time restraints, but the previous 2 years I did and really enjoyed it.  I haven't decided if I'm going to do it this year though.

I did it last year for the first time and absolutely loved it. I'm hoping to do it again this year, but wondering how on earth I will be able to do it while my teetering TBR pile is glaring at me and giving me guilt-trips. I'm thinking I may have to incorporate a book-reviewing character into my NaNoNovel and make my reviews part of the story - hah! No way am I missing out on NaNo now I finally got around to doing it. I first became aware of it years ago but totally misunderstood the whole thing. I thought it was some kind of competition to write a publication-worthy novel and that it all had to be done by November 30th, and put up before some merciless panel of judges. Can't believe it took me so long to check into the REAL requirements, think "OK, that sounds like possibly the most fun a person could ever have....." and join in.


Time to get thinking about what my effort this year is going to be about. Hmm. So many ideas in my head, but I need one that really stands out and wants to be told!

I haven't done NaNo since 2007, but intend to try again this year, life permitting. I managed to get the 50k easily enough last time - the trouble was keeping motivation once I did make that goal. I haven't even touched that manuscript since the day I made it :D

Last year was my one and only NaNo, but I (where did the rest of my comment go? I typed it, posted it, and it... vanished! Anyway, here goes again....)


.... reached 50-thousand-and-something on around November 26th, and then never typed another word after that. I found it really easy to write before I hit 50k, but after that? Nope.

Perhaps this year we should both pretend it's a 100k goal ;)


Need help?




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