I would like to know how often everyone posts reviews. I have looked at many blogs and it seems that reviews are not daily, which makes since as you can not read that many books that quickly. What do you do to keep readers coming back, besides the giveaways that is? What do you think about guest reviewers.... Just wondering if anyone has any opinions on that and how it works for them.

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Guest reviews are great. I haven't had one before but I enjoy reading them on other blogs. Posting options (besides book reviews) are as endless as your imagination. You can particpate in Memes (like Library Loot, Teaser Tuesday...), respond to an article you've read, post about your response to another blogger's post (linking back of course). Basically, it's your blog so write about whatever you want. It's up to you how strict a definition you give your blog - will you only post reviews? will you only talk about books? What about the publishing industry, what about a fun trip to a bookstore or a converstion with a stranger/coworker/friend/family member about reading? What about what you ate for dinner? There's no rule that says you MUST post every day either. In fact, I rarely read memes because bloggers' posts became very similar. Whatever you post, make it interesting and love what you write. Do hit "publish" if you wouldn't want to read it on someone else's blog. Good luck!
In the beginning I posted reviews as I read the books but I found my posting was scattered because sometimes I could read books quick and post a bunch in a couple of days then I would go a long period of time without posting because it took me a while to finish what I was reading.

I've now set up a schedule that works for me. I post reviews every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. I participate in two memes - Book Blogger Hop on Fridays and In My Mailbox on Sundays. This way I have something posted every day (except Monday) so there is always something new to read but I don't feel like I'm overposting or underposting. I also do an end of the month review. This is a schedule that I can keep up with (at this pace I usually have an extra two or three reviews written for those times I don't get much read at all) and I feel that my readers can keep up with as well.

I think guest reviewers is a good idea if you find that you aren't able to post reviews the rate you would like to. I haven't tried it but I read quite a few blogs that do it and it works well. Author interviews are good as well and any posts related to book events.


Hi, Leslie! =)

I find something to post about every day, but not all of them are book reviews (or my other favourite, movie reviews). I do the Character Connection and Locus Focus memes on Thursday and Saturday because they're flexible: I can write about either my current read or an old favourite that I don't really need to go over again. And well, I started mixing the movies in with the books because it takes less time to watch a movie and I write those reviews in a "quick takes" format.

At other times, I write about my job as a tutor (using My Little Pony names or G.I. Joe names for my tutees). I also have features of my own like Top 5 Lists that take me a while to write but that can be saved up for slow days.

I hope this helps give you some ideas. =)
I visit some blogs that do not update regularly. As I know this, I check them irregularly as well. I never mind reading several posts in one go. Usually it's a quick read anyways.

What people, in my opinion, will make come back is writing good quality posts. Regular updates can help, but with books and reviews this is harder as a book takes time to read and, in my case, I need to put in some effort to write a good review. I'm not always in the mood. I treat other blogs similarly. If I like the quality of their posts, I will keep coming back, even if it's not regularly.

For me, a follower is not someone who expects regular posts, but someone who like how you write and what you write about. Especially with books, you can create some anticipation. On my own blog I tell about the books I have bought and about the ones I am currently reading. This also can fill up some gaps while staying on topic. I make sure I also give more information or thoughts when I post about purchases or what I've started reading.

In the end, it's all about the intent you have for your blog. I blog because I want to share what I read and if possible to get to know other people who are interested in similar books, as I like to read books my friends don't care (as) much about.
I'm a relatively new blogger, and write mostly reviews, which have been going out on a 1-2 per week basis. Not much, but I don't want to "clog up" my space with random thoughts that aren't book-related when I have so much book stuff I want to do with my blog. In future I'll definitely join at least a meme or two, once I figure out what's out there and what I would want to see on others' blogs - but like I said, I'm worried about clogging because I've followed lots of popular blogs in the past that I just couldn't keep up with because of their extra content. I like to keep things pretty simple and clean, owing much to my super-organized personality. :)
I am relatively new to blogging too and my blog is rather specialized - books written for young readers about World War II. I find that I don't post as often as I would like. Some of the books are so rich in details about that time period that I have decided to include a round-up of these kinds of details and write a blog post about them every once in a while. That also gives me some time to work on book entries. I am also thinking about participating in a meme like Non Fiction Monday or including picture books one day a week.

I hope this helps.
Thank you for your input Alex, I will check out your pages.
I totally agree with Emily Hiesl--I am not so worried about the frequency of my posts. Honestly, if a blogger posts every day I usually don't read everything they post. Those who post so frequently tend to post a lot of extra stuff that doesn't interest me.
Thanks Kathy and Emily
I generally post 4 to 6 times a week, although at one time I read a comment from a publisher's publicist who said that every other day is sufficient to be recognized as serious. Maybe the true rule is that you post more days than you miss, even if you beat it by one day out of the year. Oh, and I'm a big fan of guest reviews - it's how book bloggers sometimes becomes longstanding friends.
I post reviews as I read them, but I don't review every book I read. I usually post on days when I'm not participating in a meme. Meme's are Monday's Mailbox, Blogger Book Hop and Friday 56.

Thank you for your comments. I am not sure I understand what memes are but will start checking it out. It seems like everone is talking about a meme or givaway.


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