I am in no way shape or form against YA or those that read solely YA but I was was wondering where the rest of the non YA bloggers are!  Romance and YA seem to be pretty popular blogs and I tend to not dip in that pool, although I have been known to be lured on occasion to the YA side.

I am looking for more blogs out there that are either a mix or more in the NON-YA category.  I have met some great net friends and bloggers in both but looking to trade followings or links or buttons or whatever you crazy kids do this days (I'm 32 I can say that right??), but mainly I want to get some other blogs in my read list. 

So who's in!??

Here is my site if you wanna check it out (and yes I know the book on there this week is YA)


Thanks :)


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Hi Amber,

On occasion I review YA books too but I prefer PNR, UF, suspense/thrillers, and Historical Romances.  I'm following you now. :)



Twitter:  TrinaADR


Thanks I am following you too.. I have nothing against YA but I am always looking for some other books that are geared towards adults and either I dont know where to look or I am so blind so I thought I would ask for some.

Hi! I do review some YA fiction, though that is not solely what I read! (though it may appear like it at times!). I enjoy all kinds of fiction and post reviews on everything I read! My blog, trips down imagination road, can be found at http://a-reader-lives-a-thousand-lives.blogspot.co.uk

Hi laura, thanks for replying I checked out your site and am folling you on twitter (and through gfc)

Hi Amber,

I'll review the occasional YA novel, but most of the books that I review are written primarily for grown-ups.  I focus on sci-fi, fantasy, historical fiction, and literary fiction.  Feel free to stop by!


Books Without Any Pictures

Hi grace, thanks for responding, I am following you and enjoying your site :)

Hey Amber,

I run Author-Reader Mixer and will be hosting some YA but mostly I like UF, PNR and Romance. I'm just kicking it off this month but head on over and check it out. If anyone is an author and needs a place to spread the word about their book feel free to contact me. (I've just gone through and followed your blogs, they look great btw)

Gotcha!! Added on b'lovin and gfc!

I read a lot of YA books but I also read adult books like the one on my blog  right now. I try to read different books and I have my favorites. If you want to take a look.



Need help?




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