Hey Everyone--

Most of you know me as the romance publicist for Sourcebooks, Inc. (working mainly with the Sourcebooks Casablanca imprint), but I do get to work with books outside of the romance/women's lit/historical fiction genres.

In fact, I've got a few non-fiction titles that I'm working on getting web reviews on for Spring, and one right now: The Change Your Life Challenge by Brook Noel (about 15 copies are currently available).

How many of you read and review non-fiction on your sites? Or if you mainly read fiction, do you like to find out about interesting non-fiction titles? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

And, if you're interested in Brook's book, send me an email to request a copy--danielle.jackson@sourcebooks.com

Happy Holidays!

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I think about half of what I review is non-fiction. I'm not interested in this particular book (I've put a bit of a hold on new books while I work through the ones I have), but may be interested in others.
Always interested in hearing about non-fiction...I sometimes go through non-fiction phases.
I read and review fiction and non-fiction, for Book Reviews By Bobbie.
I check out other, great book blogs, amazon.com and Goodreads for many different kinds of book recommendations.

I just sent you an email. I review lots of non-fiction and prefer it. The fiction on my blog is barely a review, mostly my thoughts on the story and that's it. I've always been better at reviewing non-fiction. I've never received a review book from Sourcebooks, just recently saw that everyone else is on the list and haven't figured out how to get on it yet.
Hi Danielle, I'm Betty from Malaysia (and Blogcritics, if you remember). It's great to see you here!

I read and review both fiction and non-fiction, but it's got to be something that really interest me because now I find myself having less time to read! I'd love to find out more about any interesting non-fiction books you have though. I just finished reading Georgette Heyer's Cotillion from Sourcebooks also, and I was just thinking to myself that I really enjoy almost all Sourcebooks' publications.

Happy Holidays!
I review nonfiction almost exclusively.
Hi Danielle,

Personally, I enjoy both fiction and nonfiction. I believe I generally gravitate more toward fiction though - when I read, I like to escape from the world around me and fiction allows me to do that.

Also, I would to read the book and conduct a Q&A session with Brook. I manage KIMBooks, an online nonprofit bookstore. Please visit our site: www.KIMBooks.org .
I'm definitely interested in non-fiction. I primarily review fiction, but I always like to read non-fiction as well!
Hi Danielle,

Although I also enjoy reading fiction, I mainly consider myself a non-fiction kind of person and I'd be interested in reviewing this book. The part that caught my eye was the section on how to clear your clutter. I'm hoping to find some much needed tips on that :)

I've sent you an email requesting a review copy.

Thanks and Happy Holidays!
I mainly read fiction but would say about 1/3 of the books I read now are non fiction. I have posted some on my blog
I am wanting to start reading more non-fiction. I do enjoy it, and review it on my blog when I read it.
In addition to my book review blog, I also have a food blog where I post cookbook reviews, so I'd be interested in any upcoming cookbooks you have for review.


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