What's the difference between Pinterest and Instagram? Can someone who has one, the other, or both, offer words of wisdom? Worth having? Or just another social media site to maintain to the detriment of writing?

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Pinterest is more of a place to collect ideas, photos, etc. You can pin things like blog posts, articles, etc. What you see is a bunch of photos, but they link back to the originating website of the article/photo/etc.

Instagram is a photo sharing site. You take photos and share it. Kind of like Twitter status updates, but with photos you take.

As far as what's worth having, in my personal opinion, I don't think either are necessary social media tools. It'd probably be a good idea to have a "pin it" button on your posts. That way if someone wants to pin your post to their Pinterest account, they can easily do that. You could also have your own account that others can see what you're interested in. Instagram would be good if you take lots of photos and plan on sharing them with your audience. You can often link your Instagram to your Twitter or Facebook, so it's posted not only on Instagram but there as well. It's a easy way to share everyday things in photo format. I think I've seen other bloggers use it occasionally to share what they're reading and such.

Hope this helps!

u can use pinterest as an idea blog too keep all the good ideas online in one place without having to clutter up your bookmarks. I have not use instagram so I cannot advice you there. 

but you do not have to 'maintain' pinterest if you don't want to. that's the beauty of it, just make it private.

You have forgotten Stumble Upon :) Well I have an account on these social media and I think they can be useful if used the proper way

I liken Pinterest to Alice falling down the rabbit hole. As one is falling, one sees the most incredible things. Then, at the bottom, it becomes a room within a room within yet another room, each more scintillating than the last.  It's a very seductive place in that sense.  I did join with the intent of having a couple of boards, which turned into several more.  The board for my book was really fun to design in finding images that went with the story.  I did feel it helped with sales, not many, but a few and that was nice.  It's not really a social networking site, but a magical realm of sharing dreams and wishes.  If I intend to spend the hours writing in any serious fashion, I stay away from Pinterest altogether. 

Thanks for all the responses guys. I ended up opening a Pinterest account and am now addicted LOL. If anyone would like to connect, my boards are here http://www.pinterest.com/kristenelisephd/boards/

I wrote a book about Pinterest that details how small businesses (including writers) can use it to increase traffic to their websites and therefore sales. You can pin your books to one or more boards and they can go viral.  I think books are a popular topic on P b/c it's fun and fast to pin book covers.  Images are easy to remember, of course.

There are many P boards devoted to books that you can check out.  I have 5 literary boards, all devoted to things I plan to read. 

So, if you want you can visit my Pinterest page and see the scoop:  Feel free to connect with me there, too!


Thanks Christine, you've got a ton of awesome boards. I followed a few of them :) -Kris

I have had one for months now my friends keep telling me how addicting pinterest is and after reading your reply I think I might use it more often. However I have had really good experience with instagram too.

I think you will like it its so much easier to use than Pinterest. Also if you do make sure too look me up my user name is gavetis09 :-)

I have both but I mostly use instagram its easier to use and because its owned by facebook marketing anything is easy. With only one post I am able to post on facebook, twitter, and instagram I post on multiple sites in less time. I hope this helps.  

So many comments, and only one of you has actually linked your Pinterest board for me to follow! Just sayin' :)

Links, please :)

I don't get a lot of traffic from Instagram but I get a ton of traffic from Pinterest. Some days I'll get 200 referrals from it and then others I'll get 3, so while I can't explain why I do know that Pinterest is worth it! 



(I read the previous comment!)


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