There has been an increasing number of e-books being pirated and put up on Kindle.  It has become so serious that Kindle is in danger of being undermined as reported by Reuters:

“For Amazon, the wave of ebook spam crashing over the Kindle could undermine its push into self-publishing and tarnish the brand of the best-selling Kindle eReader, which is set to account for some 10 percent of the company’s 2012 revenue, according to Barclays Capital estimates.”

10% of the company’s 2012 revenue is a big number.

There is a first person report on a Self-Published Author’s Lounge that some of you may find worth reading.


Spencer Schankel


UPDATE:  There has been a form posted for writers to use called Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) request form to use to get ....  I made a copy for my file.



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I wrote a plead to book pirate and included a bunch of tips on how to get free books without having to actually steal them.


If you are interested, here is it.


Awesome, Michelle.  Your comments are really terrific.  I’ve been following all of this closely because I have an acquaintance who has been hit pretty hard by people stealing her books and putting them on the Net.  The person creeping her is from a third-world country and English is not his/her first language.  Amazon has been great about pulling the plug on this illegal activity (when they hear of it).


But here’s the jaw-dropper of the day.  An author on one site said she *welcomed* her books being stolen because it was at least *exposure.*  Go figure!


Thanks again,




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