I can't imagine being a book blogger without owning an e-reader these days. With such a cheap medium to provide advanced review copies, ebooks are a the promotion tool of choice for many publishers and authors. Both here and on Net Galley, where I get most of my ARCs, it's in electronic format.

From the flipside: As an author, I try to have a few print books available for reviewers who still insist upon that format, but I'll give you the straight numbers -- each book costs me $10 + shipping. For that reason, I only provide print ARCs to blogs with high followings. 

Reviewers: Do you read print or electronic, and why? If you read print, do you find you receive a good number of ARCs, or do you buy all your books? How high is your following? 

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I read more print than electronic just because it's more convenient for me. I can take a print book to school and stuff like that whenever I have time allowing me to finish the book faster however I can't do the same with an ereader because they aren't allowed at school and so it takes me longer to finish the book. Plus I just like being able to hold the book in my hand. I have a considerable amount of print ARCs and I have 610 followers on my blog. Hope that helps. :)

Are you in high school? I wasn't aware ebooks weren't allowed. I keep waiting for textbooks to go digital, eliminating the need for lockers. When you can carry texts for all 7 subjects in a device no bigger than a paperback, you just don't need that much stuff anymore! :)

I'd probably pay to send a print book to someone with that many followers, though. 

I am planning to sign up for a book tour soon with ATOMR and they have a terrific option -- travelling print copies. As long as I sign up a few months in advance to give the book time to make the rounds, I can send a copy to the first name on the list, they send it to the next. etc. I'm really excited about the idea. 

Thanks for weighing in!

I'm a new blogger, with few members, only 69, hope one day I will have more. I love reading paperback books, I like it more that way, but I don't refuse ebooks. I know it's pretty expensive to ship a book. I always leave it to the author to decide if they want to send me, afterwards book marks, swag, a signed print book, and all that stuff.

Do you have an e-reader, or do you try to read the ebook on a computer screen? 

I don't have an e-reader, I'm reading the books on my laptop. It isn't that hard to read on my laptop, the only problem is that after reading a couple of hours my head it's killing me and my eyes to. I'm thinking about buying one, but here it's pretty expensive. 

When you use the ereaders that use e-ink it's a night and day difference. In terms of headaches/eyestrain, it really is just like reading a book. The only trouble is now a lot of the ereaders are going away from eink and using backlit computer screens, just smaller. I don't understand that trend. Much harder to read.

I actually got my Nook just so I could read ARCs. 

That's why I'm thinking about buying an ebook reader. To be honest I won't buy one if it doesn't has e-ink, and the new one I hate. What is the differences between them and a tablet? I have my laptop for that. Thank you for the suggestion, I  think I'm going to save some money and buy myself an e Reader.  Thank you!

I'm an e-reader and prefer only reading ARC's or any other book for review on epub.  I love it because I can read it anywhere, in any font (as most paperbacks have small font to conserve on paper), and it's just easier for me to keep track of. However, with all great things, there is a downside.  I don't have many books to offer as book giveaways. Occasionally, authors will work with me and provide a book for a giveaway.  I host the giveaway and the author will either send a paperback or electronic book to the winner. It's a win-win, but not always available.

I don't have a Kindle or Nook, but I love my tablet. In addition to reading ebooks I download with the Kindle app and others, I can access the next, attach a keyboard and work on my current work in progress. Haven't bought a paper book in a long time.

I'm a part of amazon's vine program, that gives me a lot of paperback ARCs. I've never gotten any electronic ARCs from professional publishers, though I have had a few from friends.

I never received a print ARC before, but I'm from Europe and most authors/publishers don't send the print versions in Europe because of the shipping. 

I was blogging for 2 years before I got my ereader, so I mainly read on my computer. It didn't really bother me or make my eyes hurt. But it is easier now with an ereader, especially without the back light. 

What e-reader do you have? kindle or something else? What genre do you like to read?


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