I'm curious about your experience when it comes to promoting on Facebook. When our book first came out in November, I promoted our book at different times of day, week, and using a variety of walls. I even went so far as to buy an ad (which brought a lot of people to the page, I will admit, but none of which were interested in our novel...go figure.)

For the New Hampshire area, I've found that promoting during the week, between 9am and noon is the best time to plug your stuff. Does this hold true where you are? What are your experiences when using Facebook?

I've studied FB's own guide to using their site to promote, but I would rather hear it from actual users.



Mike B.



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I post regularly on Facebook, but I only post about a new novel, short story, or what have you one time (meaning once on my own personal page and once to each relevant group to which I belong.) Generally, this is on the day of its release, and my note includes a link to the product on Amazon.

99% of my posts are simply me trying to be amusing or interesting and don't explicitly plug my books at all.

My theory is that if I'm constantly on FB hawking my wares, I'll simply annoy potential readers. But if I mostly post things that are simply interesting or amusing, then people will start to think of me as that guy who writes interesting and amusing things, and then, when I do announce a new novel, they might actually be inclined to give it a try.

Now, whether this strategy has actually done anything for my sales, who knows? That's the aggravating thing about self-promotion. It's so hard to separate what's useful from what's a waste of time.

I was always curious about how much I annoy people with 3x a day posts on various walls (I've gotten permission from the owners prior to spamming them.) The number of people on our page and talking about us definately goes up when I do it, but it's so easy to get lost in the fold! I do agree with you though that you've got to keep it entertaining.


Wow, 3 times a day! That is too much. It would be better to get links with other bloggers. If you are not already on Goodreads, add it. Make sure you also promote your book on your profile. There is nothing about it here when I clicked to your name.

This is a great analogy and I'm adopting this technique now. I HAVE annoyed FB people in the past--not to a great extent, but we have to remember that it's not a spam outlet. I've simmered down somewhat, and am talking about other interesting topics and info.

I interviewed a social media book marketer on my blog: http://manoflabook.com/wp/?p=4661

See if that helps you.

My opinion is that social media is great to interact with current/past readers to keep them interested in a new project. One advice I could give you is don't try to sell.


Great article and website! Thanks. Lara and I use our Berry & Croft profiles more as a "what we're up to" with a little selling in the mix. We were never good at selling cars. Which is why we became writers!

I think that that is the way it should be done.

I am not sure even how you promote on facebook. Do you post on walls of all the authors in your group or there is some other way? And I mean without buying an ad space.


"Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending." http://amzn.to/dMBLWW

I post to my own wall and the wall of groups that I'm in where I have some reasonable expectation that other group members might be interested in my novel or whatever. As I understand it, posting to the wall of another individual without his or her permission is regarded as presumptuous and a despicable act of spamming.

Thanks Richard. I am not doing anything with face book now. I have not been out there even to post on my own wall. But when you say wall of groups, you mean groups like authors promoting authors... Spam is the last thing I want to do. It hurts lot more than it can help. Thanks.


"Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending." http://amzn.to/dMBLWW

I'm in groups devoted to indie authors, science fiction and fantasy authors, etc. I figure one post about my new novel or whatever is kosher on the wall of a group like that.

Hey Richard, can you share the name of the group so we can apply to be invited in. If you are indi and into Sci Fi and fantasy, we should be talking on FB. I write for YA. Fantasy. You can find me at: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Gwynneth-White

Thank you

Gwynneth White



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