I'm curious about your experience when it comes to promoting on Facebook. When our book first came out in November, I promoted our book at different times of day, week, and using a variety of walls. I even went so far as to buy an ad (which brought a lot of people to the page, I will admit, but none of which were interested in our novel...go figure.)

For the New Hampshire area, I've found that promoting during the week, between 9am and noon is the best time to plug your stuff. Does this hold true where you are? What are your experiences when using Facebook?

I've studied FB's own guide to using their site to promote, but I would rather hear it from actual users.



Mike B.



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They'll let you know if they don't want to. The key is to remember which don't want you too. LOL

It is spamming to post on another's wall. If we figure we have a legit reason to post on someone else's wall, we'll contact that person and do a mutual advertising agreement.


We post on our own FB page and others that we have created for various projects. Because our book is a "travel fiction book" we have been blessed by other page owners relating to NH and the Portsmouth area to promote on their walls as well.

We did buy ad space just to see if it would be worth it and quite frankly, it's not. It's very, very expensive and yielded hardly any more results than we did by good old fashioned sales techniques.


I've never figured out when the best time to post is. I can say that using small snippets from the book or quotes seems to help. Like this:

- Stolen artifacts, a devastating flood, and mysterious events - #KINDLE Book!! RT @familyliteracy WW Win It 2/14 @ http://tiny.cc/zlayw

Progeny, The Luckless Prince, How Huge the Night & Between 2 Ends ~ My favorite #books of 2011  http://familyliteracy2.blogspot.com

- Blue Men, Aliens, Space ships - a wild, fast moving series for Kids 11+ @bdeastman WIN it @familyliteracy http://tiny.cc/bljfj


Taken ~ 4 kids in a desperate race: long-lost Secrets, Ancient Cities, Villains & a Spaceship! WIN It @familyliteracy http://tiny.cc/bljfj

The first and last two I took from reviews of the books. I got a lot of response using those. I've also been slipping "Tweet It" messages in my reviews in case people dont want to enter the giveaway. I can't tell how many people are Tweeting them tho. Would love a gadget that I could load with my own message to tweet.

Great question! Tina 'the book lady'



BTW - these giveaways have expired. Except the first one. I just wanted to show some examples that I use. =D


I would have to say that FB works, provided you have a healthy friend's list, and that you frequent it at least daily. I'm positive that some sales have been related to my exposure and interaction on FB, especially since I befriend writers and readers. Don't be afraid to collect friends, and you can do this every other day or so. Don't go hog wild, but easy does it at first.


Chris Stevenson

Can I friend you too please? I have a FB author's page that stares at me every time I log in, but right now we are not to sure what to do with each other. I'd like to befriend someone who is using their page so I can learn. And obviously share my paltry 179 friends with.

Thank you

Gwynneth White


Of course Gwynneth! Join www.facebook.com/berryandcroft. It's actually a GREAT time to do so (contest in progress).

Back at ya, Chris. Feel free to join our FB page!

Mike and any other authors interested; I believe the best time to promote is always. 9-12 is good but I know for me and my friends, we sit with our laptops on our laps, relaxing from 9-11 PM. This is the time when I don't have a million things on my mind. We are on Facebook and send each other links all the time. The kids are sleeping, we aren't taking phone calls, we are sitting, watching TV and on Facebook. 

If you are looking to place an Ad on a blog, please feel free to check out my author section.

A button with a link to a website usually only runs $5.00 a week with a yearly cost of $260.00, however, for anyone coming to me from Book Blogs, I am only charging $2.00 a week which comes out to $104.00 a year or $0.14 a day payable through PayPal. You can do a 6 month or 12 month payment plan, whatever works for you.

Maria, I would be interested in what your analytics are like. We are in to advertising, but would like to see some info to get a sense on who we would reach. Thanks so much for the info!



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