Hey guys!  I currently finished writing the first draft of the book that I'm writing, and I'm in the process of editing....Where should I go from here if my goal is to get published?  Any advice is appreciated! :)

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Hi Haley,

I am assuming you are self-publishing, since most authors go that route, and that is the method I used with my published books so I can offer the best advice on it.

After you have edited your manuscript twice or more, find a professional editor, or at least a professional proofreader, to go over your book. Some editors and proofreaders are new and will likely charge less, if money is a concern.

Then design a cover, or better yet, pay a graphic designer to design your cover, and back cover, if you want your book in print. This usually costs $30.00 and up.

Next, decided which format(s) you want your book to be in, and choose the publisher(s) you will go with. I suggest CreateSpace for print, and Kindle Direct Publishing and Smashwords for ebook. Study the formatting guidelines for each publisher, and format your book by tailoring it to each publisher's guidelines and saving a different file for each format. Or you can hire a professional formatter to do it for you, to make sure your book looks great in print or ebook.

Finally, you will upload the correct file for each publisher into their publishing platform.

That is the main process for the actual publishing of your book. You will also need to write a book description and an author bio, and a back cover blurb if you are publishing a print version. You will also need to market your book by promoting it on social media websites, your blog, and writer/reader communities. There are various marketing strategies to try, and you will need to market your book to get sales (at the very least in the beginning).

If you are interested in professional services, I edit and proofread for $1.00 per 250 words (45,000 words max) and I format for $5-35.00+ (depending on the number of words of the manuscript). My website is: www.christinerice-freelancewriter.com if you are interested.

Good luck!


Thanks! This was a lot of help!

When I started self-publishing, Amazon and Smashwords both had free ebook guides to the process of getting material onto their sites. I haven't gone back and looked lately, but I suspect those guides are still available for download.

Great thanks! I'll have to look those up!

I'm a, soon to be, three time published author. My suggestion to you is to find someone, outside of your friends and family, to edit your manuscript. I can tell you from experience that as the author, you are too close to your work to be objective. You need fresh and unbiased eyes to give it to you straight and to help you smooth out the rough places. What genre are you writing? Just curious. I may be able to suggest an editor or publisher if I know what you're writing. I'm happy to help in any way that I can. I know how scary the whole process can be.  

okay thanks! that's a good idea! and it's YA

See much advice on the subject from folks in the know here:


Two big things, cover and editor. Pay for both, it's worth it. I use Kim Killion at HotDamnDesigns.com. Her stuff is great. Get a good editor. If you have good CPs you may be able to get away without hiring a content editor but I definitely suggest you get a full-line editor. They are worth their weight in gold. If you can't afford even that, I suggest you buy something like Textaloud. This app reads your manuscript back to you. I've used it for 3 years now and it's a lifesaver. Seriously, a lifesaver.

If you plan to format your own, I would put it through smashwords meatgrinder, get the epub file it produces and modify to your liking with something like the epub app Sigil. Then to produce the .mobi version, you can use something like calibre. These are great do-it-yourself apps if you don't want to pay someone or don't know someone who will do it for you for free.

Good luck!

Here's a tip: Saying you're writing the first draft of the book you're writing is redundant. :-) But in all seriousness, I edit all my own stuff. I tried getting another writer friend to edit, but he missed so much stuff. I personally wouldn't pay anyone to edit, but I do read my books over and over to make sure all the errors are caught. Just do that and get others to read as well. You're all bound to catch everything in the end.


Need help?




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