Okay, so now I am emailing about 10 bloggers daily with information and links concerning my book and only get 1 or 2 responses on a good day.  As I email more bloggers, it gets harder to find new links I haven't tried (because, e.g., they are no longer accepting reviews or do not review indie books).  My question is - do you think I could email some of previous bloggers again or is their non-response a clear indication for me to buzz off.  (I know some specifically clarify that their non-response indicates their lack of interest but I was wondering if this is always the case).  Thanks!

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No response is a pretty clear "No" if they're still active on social media and not out of town or something similar. I wouldn't email them again if I were you. That's a pretty good way to earn yourself an instant delete or get yourself banished to the spam folder.

I see - that's good to know.  Thanks, Allison.

Yeah, definitely do not email again, not even as a "follow up". It comes off as pushy. Do you offer alternatives to reviewing, such as offering to guest post or ask to be interviewed? Reviewing takes an enormous amount of time and dedication, but many bloggers are willing to let you post something else to their blog which can also be effective.

Good luck!




Thanks so much, Rainy :)  Yes, I am also open to interview, excerpts, and giveaways and received a lot of those offers - I'm just happy to get my book out there :)

Thanks, Englelia - I will :)

It's not always the case, (I've found review requests in my spambox before) but it is most generally the case. I actually think that it's rude not to respond, but that's just me. There's a self publishing page with a list of book bloggers who take indie books here, if you're interested.


I hope you have luck finding some reviewers! :D

Thanks so much, Megan - I appreciate your encouragement and must say that I have been very fortunate in dealing with several very nice bloggers :)

Your welcome! I think you deserve encouragement. What you did was really cool, because you put yourself out there and self-published. That's great! We bloggers are a generally nice group, but like all groups, we aren't all the same. You'll find some readers soon. :)

There are many who have no time to check their mail. and I personally hate when someone sends an email asking for personal favors. I find my sources in the different groups or forums.

It is hard to know if someone read your email or not. You could try re-sending, but they may see it as bothering them and they could block you.

Advertise in one of the groups.

Thanks, I will try that!

Also, keep in mind that even if a blogger isn't accepting reviews they may still help promote your book in other ways. I'm not accepting reviews til I my overwhelming list caught up. However I still do interviews and will post excerpts and do spotlights. So don't completely disregard someone who isn't accepting reviews.



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