I finally got myself an ereader now. I'm really wondering if I should add the free ebooks I've put on there from barnes and noble to my book blog. Yes, their real books, not half stories or thise trial versions. I've been debating on wither I should write about them as will.

I could use some help on wither I should or should add them. 

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I don't see why you should not include them.  As you point out they are real book.  The free tends to be a short term promotional sort of thing and you should not penalize the author for this sort of promotion.

Very good point, I think I will add them. One ebook at a time. I'll just make sure I add them as an ebook. They are pretty much books just in a different form the paperbooks are. Thank you.

I agree. Plus, of they are free ebooks maybe more people have read them as well. It could bring traffic to your blog.

I post a monthly book club list on my blog and a lot of the books that I post about are free. Just because their free doesn't make them any less of a book. I say you should go for it.


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I am curious about your ultimate writing goal. Are you looking to share your voice with the world? Do you want to share your creative art while also making a part time income? Do you want to take your passion for writing and make it a full time income? Know your goal first.

If you are going to add one of your books to your blog, I think that is a great idea. Perhaps add a feeling of urgency for the reader, by only offering the free download for a set amount of time. If as a reader you have forever to download something, it may slip your mind and never happen.  My next suggestion would be to promote the heck out of it. Branch out of your normal ways of promoting yourself, try something new. Offer to do a book reading at a local book store, host an online book reading, or leave creative flyers around town. The possibilities are endless.

Last but not least try to get as many reviews as possible for the feature book. There are a lot of talented bloggers / reviewers that won’t charge you for their time. My company Writing Innovations LLC, features self-published authors to our membership based online book club. There is never a fee for out Featured Authors, in fact our featured authors receive compensation.

No matter what you decide to do, stay true to yourself. Your internal compass will take you the direction you need to go.


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Hi Brooke-

My name is Sherry and I am the author of a work of Literary Fiction called, "Let the Willows Weep". You seem like a wealth of information regarding the promotion of a book.

I have been marketing my book for a bit so I have tried some of your suggestions but I would love to hear more about some of them, such as online readings.  I never heard of it but I am interested.

I tried to find your company online but not sure I discovered the right one. 

I would love to discuss this a bit more if you are open to talking. 

My email is slbparnell@hotmail.com

Thanks :)

I sent you an e-mail this afternoon. I look forward to hearing from you.


Write On,



Hi  Brooke-

I didn't receive the email but I would love to talk with you.  Perhaps you could try once more or give me your email address.



Sorry Brooke-

Just found it...in my junk folder....ugh! 

Will write soon :)



I understand, I have encountered the same problem. 


I emailed you yesterday.  Did you get it?

Sherry :)

Yeah, I'm really going to start reading more ebooks. I've also noticed that the ones that are free are done because the author has either written them as a first book to a series and wants to get it out there. I also know that you can get some of the rest of the series of books for a pretty cheap cost. I'll be reading both books and ebooks so I may be posting more onto my blog.


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